Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick update

We had a fun day yesterday for Andrew's birthday. I'll post more about that later. Here's a quick update on the kids.

Here's the shiner on Day 2:
The swelling has gone down a bit.
The bruising has gotten worse.

I loved Amy's advice about patching her eye to hide it. My friend, Nicolle, actually suggested the same thing. I've seriously thought about it. It would be a lot easier than answering questions all day at church today. But those patches are so darn sticky that I think it would really hurt when we took it off. So, I guess I'll just have to have the falling-in-the-bathroom story on repeat, ready to be shared.

The bus fighting incident is still an unsolved mystery.

Brandon's side of the story: Me and Sami were sitting together on the bus. William (the 2nd grader) was in front of us and he kept turning around and ignoring(read: annoying) us and hitting us and stuff. [What do you mean "hitting you"? Was he punching you in the face?] No, he was slapping us and stuff. And then Sami and him starting fighting. [You didn't start fighting, too?] No, I was just sitting there. [You just sat there and watched while your friend was fighting?] Uh huh. And I was saying, "Please stop, William. Please stop, William." [So you didn't hit or scratch William at all?] No.

William's side of the story: Those two little kindergarteners were sitting behind me on the bus and they kept bugging me and hitting me. I know that they're smaller than me, so I didn't hit them back. But then they started kicking me and scratching me.

Sami's side of the story: [What happened on the bus yesterday, Sami?] Nothing. [Didn't something happen with William?] No.

I have a feeling the truth lies somewhere between William's and Brandon's sides of the story. But the driver didn't see it and neither did the two older friends that we know on the bus. So we may never know the whole story.

Would you mess with a kid that had guns like these?

Despite the black eye and the bullying
accusations, both kids are doing fine.

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Sandy said...

Cute pictures! You can barely see the black eye when Whitney smiles! William is a SECOND grader? Oh brother. Brandon must be one tough cookie, eh?:) Your neighborhood looks awesome, by the way!