Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The weather has finally turned cold here. I'm freezing today! The good thing about NC winters...there are always breaks in the cold temps. I look forward to the next warm spell.

Here's what Whitney looked like yesterday.
Her eye is coming right along.
I think she looks pretty good!

This one's from today:
Other than that pink, fleshy swelling in the corner
of her eye, you'd never know she had surgery 4 days ago!

Our visit with Dr. Buckley went well today. Everything is healing as it should. She was SOOOO excited to see him. Very cute. The annoying thing: we aren't scheduled to go back until FEB 20TH. That seems like an eternity. He said to come back in 2-3 months, but the lady at the desk scheduled me three full months out. I think I might call back and see if we can move it up to Jan.

Brandon made this very fun, colorful turkey hat in school today. He looked so cute when he walked in the door wearing it.

Our FHE lesson last night was on Gratitude--what a surprise. Brandon helped with it by sharing the story of the Pilgrims and Indians. I wish I had tape recorded it and could type it word for word. He's a great storyteller. It went something like this:
"Like a million years ago, these people were living in England. They didn't like their king because he was trying to make them go to his church. They decided to leave and come to America. And when they hit the other side they met the people called the Indians. And then an Indian named Squanto taught them how to plant food when it was winter. He teached them how to grow vegetables that they had never planted. And then after winter they had a type of feast called Thanksgiving. That's the type of year we're in right now."
(He's sitting right here by me, so I had him re-tell it, but it had even more details last night.)

We also started a family gratitude journal for the week. I'm hoping we will each take the time to write down some of the things we're thankful for throughout the week. So far some of the things in the book: nursery, dishwasher, big hugs, inspiration, a suitcase, cousins, scrapbooks (No, this wasn't even one of mine!), fall leaves, cemetaries.


Mom Sweat said...

Whitney looks great - she has such beautiful eyes anyway that it's so sad to see them all banged up. Glad she got to see Dr. Buckley. Loved Brandon's re-telling of Thaksgiving too. My gratitude journal: google, reading glasses, Avery Dennison labels, dentists, children, grandchildren, parents that just moved to Salt Lake City and I'll be living close to for the first time in 36 years!; blogs that keep us close to each other across the miles; and Ramez (the guy who colors my hair).

Jayne said...

My gratitude journal includes: friends like Andrea, being cancer-free, that I've learned to live one day at a time, libraries, blogs, that Sees candies are available on the East Coast at Christmastime, that my son's Ipod broke within weeks of the warranty expiration and he was able to get a replacement without a hassle, and of course my family.