Friday, December 01, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes--November

11/7 This morning while getting Whitney dressed, she had a lot to say, "Mom, do you love me SO much? What are you going to be for your next birthday? A cereal killer? Yea, that's it." And when she was done getting dressed, "Oh, I look so beautiful." Like her brother, no problem with self-esteem in this little girl.

11/7 During lunch today, the conversation revolved around Star Wars. (This is very typical in our house, thanks to Brandon.) Whitney said, "Yoda is my favorite guy in the WHOLE WORLD." And she was very enthusiastic about it!

11/8 While watching a Baby Einstein video about seasons with Whitney, I overheard Brandon say, "Oh my heck! That looks like 1918 snow."

11/9 The Target Christmas toy catalog came in the mail today. Whitney was sitting on the floor looking through it and "reading" it. This is was it said: "And the Lamanites teached the gospel so they would get baptized..." Hey, at least she's learning some of the lingo when we read the scriptures with her at night.

11/11 Brandon and I were driving in the car today and he said, "Mom, when I was in preschool we used to study things. Like apples or caterpillars. In kindergarten we don't study anything. We just do work. And it's dumb." Great, he's already disgruntled with the public school system and he's not even half way through kindergarten!

11/11 While getting the candles ready for Andrew's birthday cake, Brandon was joking around with him. Andrew was holding the lighter and B said, "Hey, Dad. Why don't you fire my milk?" That was his way of asking his daddy to try to light his milk on fire. But when he heard the way it sounded coming out of his mouth, B said, "Get it, Dad? Like you fire people at work, you can fire my milk!" Wow--Andrew's even got a reputation at home for firing people.

11/13 It has been unseasonably warm here and today when we were getting in the car Whitney said, "It's hot. We need to turn on the hair dishener." (air conditioner)

11/13 Brandon was really excited to go get his teeth cleaned today. (See, I'm not the only one who ENJOYS going to the dentist!) He said, "I am so lucky! I get to go to the dentist. They have flavored stuff and I get to pick a prize, AND I get to ride in a moving chair!" Why doesn't everyone see it the way B and I do?
No cavities!

11/26 We have egg nog in the house now and Whitney just asked, "Mom, can I have a drink of that noggin' egg?"

11/26 I was working on visual aids to teach Christmas songs to the primary kids. There was a picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the computer screen and Brandon said, "When Samuel the Lamanite had the Spirit of God, it was kind of like when a Bionicle uses the super force because none of the arrows could hit him." Way to apply gospel principles to your every day life, B!

11/26 We went to the hospital to visit a woman from church this evening. There were signs up in the parking lot that said, "Tobacco Free Campus." Brandon said, "Huh. Taco Free Coupons? Yes! We get free coupons for tacos!"

11/26 Whitney just asked, "Does Santa have a tongue?"

11/28 Out of the blue Brandon told me, "I still believe in Santa Clause. But I don't believe his beard is really that long. I think it might be fake."


Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

This cracked me up!
Your "out of the mouth of babes" blogs are definitely my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

Very funny -thanks for sharing:)

Laurie said...

You've inspired me. This is very cute. I need to start keeping a better record. I've heard the window of cute things they say lasts until about 7 and then they talk like the rest of us so we have to capture it while we can.

Great teeth on that kid!

Amy said...

I love listening to little kids talk and "kinda" get an idea of what's going through their head. These blogs are definitely my favorite and had me cracking up! I am very impressed with your kids' scripture knowledge.

Mom Sweat said...

This has to be one of my favorite blogs of all-time - Thanks for all the priceless sayings Andrea - You will love having this history for the rest of your life!
Mom Sweat