Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Can we build it?

Yes we can!

I feel like someone pushed the fast-forward button on my life right now and I don't know how to press pause!

So, I don't have much time to blog, but wanted to share pictures of our annual gingerbread house building night. Andrew tied it into to FHE. He did a lesson on the wise man and the foolish man and building your lives on the foundation of Christ. Very clever.

Brandon did most of his by himself this year.
He built it with no roof because it was an "art room"
and he wanted everyone to be able to see inside.
I guess those two sprees on the inside wall are the art.

Andrew built a gingerbread temple.
Very impressive Angel Moroni on the top!

Here is my little house.
I thought the shingles on top were very cute.

And, finally, Whitney's creation.
She put the skittles on by herself.
I really liked her marshmallow chimney.
(I promise I combed her hair this morning, but it came out!)


Amy said...

Very impressive gingerbread houses. Brandon is very creative to build an art room. Is eating the houses part of the tradition?

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

My favorite was brandon's. He really thought outside of the box and provided a truely dramatic representation of mans inner stuggle against his passions and foibles

andrea said...

Usually eating the houses is one of the best parts. This year I bought gingerbread graham crackers. I thought they sounded fun. They were disgusting. Ruined most of the eating experience. The kids still picked the candy off theirs.