Friday, December 08, 2006

Family Photos

We took family pics this week for our Christmas cards. We splurged a little this time and ended up getting a CD with all of our photos on it, even the ones we didn't purchase. So, I won't spoil the fun by sharing the same ones we're mailing out, but here are a few of the others.
Pretty cute.

Ready for a career in modeling.

I felt like with my black shirt on this black background,
I looked like a floating head. Yikes!

I love these smiles because they are more
"real" than most of the others.

It is a lot of work to get all of us ready for family photos. But I guess it's worth it. It's fun to look back over the years and see how much everyone has changed. OK, Andrew and I haven't changed much since last year, but the kids have really grown up.


Grandma Sweat said...

I LOVE your family photo! I wonder how tall Brandon will end up? He has that solid look of someone who is going to groooooow lots when he hits adolescence - but I guess it's in his genes. Whitney looks like her typical adorable 5-year-old self and you and Andrew are so photogenic. Don't take that wrong - you are also cute in real life - it just also comes shining through in your pictures too!
Grandma Sweat

Jayne said...

Love the pics!

But I am hanging my head in shame...we are family-photo-less again this Christmas.

Sandy said...

GREAT pictures!! We still have to do ours...

your fav little sis said...

How adorable!!! Aww I can't wait til you come out here! And I'm glad to see that andrew showed up for the pics :) love ya!

Laurie said...

Your photos turned out great! Way to go with the cutest photos.

Dana said...

What great pics Andrea :)