Monday, December 11, 2006

Fun date

Andrew's such a good sport. I'll come up with random date ideas and he always comes along and has fun with me. This weekend we decided to go ice skating. We went once last year and it we had a great time, but both had our share of bruises the next day.

I called the rink earlier in the day to see how late they were open. They informed me that it was "Christian Date Night." What's that? "Oh, it just means we play Christian Music." Can anyone come? Andrew thought this was the funniest question--Honey, we ARE Christian! I know that, but I didn't know if you were supposed to be registered in their Christian club or something. Anyway, they said YES, anyone can come.

I think what they really meant was that it was HIGH SCHOOL NIGHT. We were 15 years older than 90% of the people. The other 10% were closer to our age, but had their young kids with them. I guess we're the only young married couple who would choose to go there as a date. But it was great. I loved it.
I think Andrew has been secretly sneaking over there
at night when he says he has Bishopric meetings because
he was a good skater this year. He didn't fall once!

I did better than last year, but I still took one little fall.
I wasn't even going fast, but still managed to get a nasty
bruise on my left knee.

Of course it had to happen while Andrew had
the camera in his hands.

We went to Krispy Kreme for some yummy hot cocoa
when our ankles had had enough. And the kids were
even in bed when we came home. (They rebelled last week
and were still awake.)


sandy said...

That looks like so much fun! I haven't been ice skating since college. Actually, now that I think about it -- "since college" means: the one time in my entire life that I went ice skating was in college.

I'm super jealous that you guys have places to go for date night. And babysitters. We are severely lacking in both. If we can con a family member into coming up to watch the kids, we can go out to dinner (at the local bar - nice, I know) or drive 30 miles away to Arby's, Taco Johns or this Mexican place my kids love (read: unromantic). No activities whatsoever. We'd have to go make out in the church parking lot or something:)

Amy said...

I am so impressed with how creative you are. Besides playing tennis and going to movies, I can never think of fun things to do. But now I have a great resource: YOU! If we're ever bored, we'll just go through your blog archives and get some ideas. (-:

Mom Sweat said...

Your hair is getting so lush and long! I love that last picture of you and Andrew. I remember Andrew's first ice skating experience - Grant Hodson had to help him lace his skates tighter so his ankles wouldn't cave in(Andrew was 12). I was always grateful to Grant Hodson for doing that little service as his Young Men's leader- little did he know that all 6' 6" of Andrew would still be gliding around 20 years later!
Mom Sweat

Anonymous said...

Better that the camera was in Andrew's hand than yours when you fell, right?!

Tommy and I went to the rink this weekend, too, but it was for a kiddie birthday party. It was a lot of fun, even though I was clutching the wall most of the time.

We'll have to take the kids there this summer. It would be a great place to go when it is hot outside.

Jayne (can't log in to blogger)