Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feeling festive

We had the funnest weekend and really got into the Christmas Spirit. (As if shopping at 1 am the day after Thanksgiving wasn't enough!) On Friday night, there was a festival of lights downtown. We met Greg and Nicolle down there for an evening on the town. Our timing was terrible, but we still had fun. There weren't really any signs to tell you where to go, so we just kind of wandered around. First we visited this new park right smack dab in the middle of all the business district. It is very cool. It's like a mini version of the fountains at Bellagio (one of my favorite places in the world!) They're just missing Sarah Brightman performing "Time to Say Goodbye" in the background.

Brandon, Andrew, Greg, and Whitney

Me and Nicolle
(The flash was a little harsh.
We kind of look like angels!)

It was fun to walk around the little park, but there were really no activities, so we started walking to another area. We found out we missed the lighting of the city Christmas tree. Oops! They were deflating a big, fun Thomas the tank engine as we were walking up. The kids were kind of bummed about that.
Andrew and Whit near the Christmas tree.
Are those UFO's in the sky? Quick, call Scully and Mulder!

We stopped at the best little cheesecake shop. (Remember it, Tony and Cindy?) We sat and gorged ourselves while the kids entertained us. They're always good for a laugh. And they had outdoor seating, so we didn't have to worry too much about disturbing everyone else. Next we went to a theater where they were supposed to have crafts for kids. We must've gotten there about 15 minutes late because they were cleaning everything up. Each of the kids got a stamp on their face and that was it. Oops again. Oh, well. I still enjoyed the night.

On Saturday night, Andrew and I went to a Candlefest at a local park. It was so romantic and fun. All the walkways were lined with luminaries. There were thousands of them!
It was the sort of thing that is hard to capture
in a photo, but was really gorgeous.

The weather wasn't too cold and I just loved walking through the park, holding hands, eating s'mores, listening to a small band, drinking hot chocolate. It was a wonderful evening.

Here we are enjoying the cocoa. Cheers!

Yeah for Christmas!


Mom Sweat said...

I'm so glad you updated! Every time I looked at the pictures of the fondue I craved cheese, so whew, now I can just crave seeing you guys in a few weeks!
Mom Sweat

Sandy said...

All those things look like so much fun! Wish we had something to DO around here...you can barely tell its Christmas in town (no stores, malls or street decorations) unless you go to someone's house). The candle walk thing sounds awesome.