Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas decor

We were Scrooges this year and didn't put up lights outside. I kept thinking, we'll do it next weekend, but it never happened and now I think it's too late. We do have a wreath on the front door, if that counts for anything.

Here are some of our decorations inside:
This Nativity from Andrew's mom is my favorite
piece. Isn't it beautiful?

We got a different piece from the set each year
for the past several years and I LOVE it.
The faceless figures add a touch of reverence...
and mystery.

My mom gave us this cute Christmas village a
few years back. I haven't been able to put it out for
the last couple of years because little hands would
destroy it. This year I decided the kids were old
enough and we set it up. So far we only have
one broken piece. Not bad.

Our good friend, Greg, travels to Sweden for
work and picked up this Nativity set for us there.
It is great because it's wooden and the kids can actually
touch it. (Unlike my other one--they have to keep their
distance....and I mean a BIG distance.)
The above pic is how it looked when I first set it up.

This is how it looks most of the time, now
that the kids can have their way with it.
Angel standing on sheep
Camel and donkey on top of the palm trees.
Wise men gone AWOL.
At least they're having fun with it.

I think when I'm older and have more places to put things and fewer tiny hands to break them, I would love to collect Nativity sets. The Deseret Book Christmas Catalog had some awesome ones from around the world.


Amy said...

I LOVE that nativity set mom's been giving us these past years. Did Andrew bring home any nativities from Chile? Dave brought some from Peru that are pretty funky and then we have one I got in young womens. Every time we'd pass off a goal we'd get a new piece. Isn't that a cool idea?

sandy said...

Those are awesome! I like the one from Andrew's mom the best-beautiful!