Friday, December 22, 2006

We've been published

So, my friend Sandy e-mailed me and informed me that our family Christmas photo from a couple of years ago was in a magazine! I didn't even know. I have a friend from BYU who has become a scrapbooking celebrity. She's amazing. She's published several books and is one of the editors for Creating Keepsakes magazine. We showed up in one of her Christmas card photo layouts.
Click to see it larger.
Do you see us on the bottom row?
Why did it have to be the photo
where I have a funny head tilt and
Whitney is still bald?
Oh, well. It's still pretty cute.

So, I've already crossed "getting a manicure" off my list of things to do before I die. Do you think this counts as getting published in a scrapbooking magazine? Not exactly what I had in mind. :)

Whitney eye update: Her suture is finally starting to dissolve. Yeah! I guess Dr. Buckley knew what he was talking about.


Anonymous said...

The Scrapbooking page: Very cool & I think it's good picture of your family.

There's a font named Anorexia?!


sandy said...

I think it only counts if you need it to count..."Yeah, once when I was published in CK..." but it DOESN'T count if CK ever wants to publish you as a "Fresh Face":) Either way, congrats -- your names in a scrapbook magazine and you know Becky Higgins. She's my scrapbooking hero!