Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Christmas tradition

Every year, we make an ornament to add to the tree. We've done different things over the years, but usually I just buy some from Michael's and we paint them. The kids love it.
Whitney was into layering. She wanted
to try every color. Some of them twice.
Made for some interesting combinations.

Brandon did an awesome job painting his!
This is the first year where he had distinct color
changes. I was very impressed.

Andrew was very unhappy about the way
his turned out. He didn't know what he was getting into
with the gold glitter paint. I think it still turned out pretty good.

And here's mine. I felt terrible last night.
I got a weird little sickness that only lasted
a few hours, but I thought I was getting the
flu. I tried to hide it for this picture, but
it didn't work so well.


Angela Hallstrom said...

Cute idea! You Sweats are full of cute ideas, you know that? Ice skating dates AND family ornament painting? You could do an entire "Random Sampler" in the Ensign, just your family.
I got your Christmas card today. Cute! Tell Drew good writing, as always.

Amy said...

I agree with Ang, you guys are full of cute ideas. I am very impressed with Brandon's ornament. I think he can paint better than me!

Mom said...

Andrew - I think your ornament is just perfect, and there's always a need for more gold glitter in this world!