Sunday, April 01, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--March

Hope you enjoy this month's collection!

March 1st--Technically this isn't something that Brandon said, but I still think it deserves an entry in this post. I was in his bedroom tonight while he was taking a bath and found this:


It's his first love letter!! I thought it was SO cute! I think the inside is supposed to say, "I Love You Girl." This is a girl who is in kindergarten, but not in his class. I met her at the circus because she was sitting in the row behind us and tapped my shoulder to tell me that Brandon is always bugging her in the lunch room.
Me: "What does he do?"
Ashlyn: "He's always calling my name and stuff."
Me: "Maybe he likes you!"
I was totally joking around because I've never heard of this girl before, but I think I was right!

March 9th I overheard a conversation between Andrew and Brandon in the backyard this evening. Andrew was throwing away a piece of candy and Brandon didn't understand why.
A: Because I dropped it on the ground, so now it's trash
B: No it's not. I eat stuff off the floor of my bus all the time!
Ewwww...Remind me not to kiss him on the mouth anymore.

March 10th Sweet little Whitney can be manipulative when she wants to be. She didn't want to clean up her room tonight and was throwing a little fit over it. Through her tears she told Andrew, "I want a babysitter!" Ouch--that hurts!

March 11th At church today, we sat with our friend, baby Clara. She was in a pretty little dress and looked adorable. I said to Whitney, "Doesn't Clara look beautiful?"
She responded (very excitedly), "Yea! We BOTH look beautiful!"
Again, no lack of confidence in my kids. :)

March 11th Whitney is still into pretending she's a princess much of the time. She likes to pretend she's eating a poisoned apple and then wait for her "prince" (usually her Daddy) to come give her a kiss on the cheek to wake her up. Oh, and it doesn't always have to be an apple, either. We've seen her fall victim to a poisoned ice cream cone, a poisoned pear, and a poisoned bouncy ball.
This time the bouncy ball got her.
She's a pretty good actress, huh?

March 11th We love going on Sunday afternoon walks around the block on nice days. This was the first one of the year and it was a gorgeous day. Whitney was sitting in her stroller while I got Brandon's scooter out of the shed. Brandon started pushing Whit and she said (in her angry voice), "Don't push me, old man!" I don't know where that came from. Andrew started pushing her when we were ready to start and Whitney said, pointing to Andrew, "Yea. THAT'S the old man that can push me." Ouch again.
Whit and her old man.

March 13th One of Whitney's favorite words right now is "familiar." She doesn't know what it means, though. She will use it at completely random times. "Ew--this dinner tastes familiar." "Mom, you look so familiar today!" or (angrily) "This toy is so familiar!"
Doesn't she look familiar?

March 18th Brandon is not just into writing love letters to his little girlfriend this month. He is into writing letters to a variety of people: his primary teacher, the pianist at church, his teacher and her assistant at school, and even his bus driver. I only know her(the bus driver) from the 2 or 3 times she has called me out to the bus because Brandon has been in trouble, so I picture her as kind of abrasive. But then I watched Brandon hand her his note and her heart melted. It was so cute. The note said something like, "Mrs. Harris--You are the best bus driver. You take care of everything. Love, Brandon." He handed it to her right when he got on the bus and she had him read to her (his spelling is very creative) and then gave him a big hug. He can be a sweetie.

March 19th I was brushing Whit's hair this morning and she was very restless--moving all over the place. I asked her to hold still and she replied, "I can't because I'm righteous." ?????

March 20th Tonight Brandon asked me if I knew how the rings around planets were made. I didn't. Do you? He went on to explain, "Well, there were these big rocks that crashed into the planets and broke into small pieces and then got caught in the planets' gravity to make rings." Holy cow--when did he get smarter than me?
Oh, this is how he got so smart.
He can read in his sleep!
(Yes, he's really asleep in this picture.)

March 23 Sweet little Whitney has started getting an ATTITUDE. Brandon was the same way--he didn't go through terrible two's, his were terrible three's. I was hoping Whitney would just be sweet her whole life, but I think we're getting set for a bout with a fiesty little girl. Here are a couple things she said this week.
Drew: "You need to go in the corner. You don't talk like that."
Whitney: "YOU go in the corner!"

Me: "Whitney, don't eat things off the floor. That's disgusting."
Whitney: "YOU'RE disgusting!"

Drew: "Whit, you need to stop playing at the sink and just finish washing your hands."
Whitney turned around from the sink with a dirty look on her face and honestly said, "Do you wanna piece of me?"

March 24 He also asks some great questions at times. He was having scripture study with Andrew tonight and asked, "Dad, how can we get to know Jesus? We can't get in airplane and fly up to heaven to meet him." That's deep.

March 24 While we were car hunting today, Brandon told us his three requirements in a minivan: 1. squishy seats 2. good tires 3. a DVD player.
A boy who knows what he wants in a car.

March 25 The kids both got up early today before me. When I finally dragged myself out of bed and came out into the front room, Brandon informed me, "We've been doing our morning exercises, Mom. We did jumping jacks and somersaults and stuff." Oh, to have the energy of a 5 or 3-year-old again. :)

March 28th This morning B asked another good question, "Mom, does the earth have a west pole and an east pole?" Not very easy to explain that one to a 5 year old.

March 28th After Brandon got home from school today he said, "Mom, there are two things I want to change about myself." I was very curious to see what those two things would be. "I want to get glasses AND braces." Is he aspiring to look nerdy? We got a note from his school nurse that said he needs to see the eye doctor because her preliminary test showed he might need glasses, so that part might come true sooner than I would've hoped.


Sandy said...

I LOVE these entries -- so funny! I totally understand the little attitude -- one of my little angels has been doing the same thing. I get a lot of "I like Joshy and Kimball and Dad. And that's ALL I like in my family"(looks pointedly at mom). And my other daughter likes to be a princess too - I often find her laying in her bed at naptime holding a bunch of fake flowers on her chest while she sleeps. Yikers.

Shelley said...

I can't believe Whitney actually said "Do you wanna piece of me?". I laughed HARD on that one! You're kids are hilarious! And it's finally been confirmed - Andrew really IS an old man! :)

Ang said...

Once again, a great list. I was thinking that you guys must be really busy (oh, buying new cars, selling old houses, flying all over the Western Hemisphere, running a ward, raising two children, etc etc) since Andi hadn't posted since TUESDAY! I was starting to go through withdrawls! Hope you're having a good conference day. (Do you guys have to go to the church since Drew's the bishop? Or do you stay home and listen on the internet? I love watching it on tv again now that we're in Utah!)

g & g hiatt said...

Sounds to me like Brandon's old man should listen to him when it comes to cars --soft seats, DVD--
definitely high priorities.
Thanks for the pics.

Denny & Joe said...

Hilarious comments from the kids, as usual. I love the "familiar" comments from Whitney. "Mom, you look so familiar."

Amy said...

Brandon's love note is hilarious! Aren't girls supposed to have cooties when you're in kindergarten? Great list!

Anna said...

I'm so glad I read your blog today I laughed so hard my eyes were watering.

Mom said...

Thanks for the awesome treat you provide your readers with these "out of the mouths of babes" comments.
They're priceless.
Love You,
Grandma Sweat

Anonymous said...

I have only seen whitney happy and excited. I can't imagine her getting upset and asking someone if they wanted a piece of her. Too funny. But also hard for me to believe.