Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Van update

Ok, so the Nissan Quest we had wanted to drive arrived at CarMax. We took it for a spin last night. (after a 5 minute FHE lesson in the car on the way to CarMax--great parents.) It was roomy, comfortable, silver, and had a DVD player--bonus. We were feeling pretty happy about it...until we took our first left turn. There was a loud clicking sound--I think it may have been a problem CV joints. We had CV joint issues with one of our other cars and we are NOT going there again, so BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!!

Dang, I'm starting to feel like this whole van thing is not meant to be. But I'm trying not to get discouraged.

So, we're anti-Quest now.

Decided maybe we should just go back to plan A and get an Odyssey. But then after talking it through, we figured that the Honda would cost around $50 more a month for the next five years than the Grand Caravan. Andrew still craves the roominess of that van! Neither the Odyssey or the Quest quite have it. He feels slighty cramped in both of them. We figured even if the quality of the Dodge isn't quite as good as the Honda, we aren't going to be doing $50/month in repairs for the next five years. Right??? So, we are going to have another Grand Caravan transferred in and hope it doesn't make any loud humming noises while it idles.

In the meantime, I'm getting more and more used to being car-less. I've been cleaning and playing games with Whitney all morning. Things could be worse.


Ang said...

You guys have the same luck with cars as you do with airline flights. Sheesh! And, once again, I'm a big fan of the Caravan. It's comfy and roomy and relatively inexpensive, and then you can be the same as your other Sweat relatives (although Tony and Cindy have a Plymouth, I think, but they're made by the same company.)

Love your picture of the Nissan with the slash through it!

dave said...

Wouldn't Andrew feel cramped in any car?

sandy said...

Bummer on the van! I totally understand about the cramped feeling - like I said before, we test drove EVERY minivan ever made before deciding on our Chevy Venture (I think they're called Uplander now or something like that). It was a good price, had good ratings and we fit - done deal:) I'm sure you'll find something!! There's always the good old Suburban, haha!

Paul said...

hasn't andrew reached that point in his life where he starts shrinking....? if he hasn't yet, just bank on him dropping a few inches in the next few years! hehe