Monday, April 23, 2007

The end of soccer

Soccer season came to an end this weekend. It was sure a fun season. Brandon rocked! Andrew and I loved being the soccer parents and watching him do so well. His coaches were out of town for the last game, so we had a pizza party on Friday evening with his team and they got their trophies.
Brandon was pumped!

Andrew was telling me about a recent PTI where Tony Kornheiser was complaining about how ALL the kids get trophies now instead of just the winners. How we're raising our children to be satisfied with mediocrity because they get a trophy simply for participating--who cares about winning? What are your thoughts on this? I like the participation trophies for the earliest leagues, like Brandon's, where they don't even formally keep score. (I can assure you that all of the competitive parents [read: us] are keeping detailed mental scorebooks!) But once they are old enough to officially start keeping score, it doesn't make a lot of sense to give trophies to a team that went 2-6. For now, I'll just be thrilled with his excitement over the trophies and his cute little collection that he keeps in his room. I think this was the highlight of his weekend.

His last game went well. His team won (unofficially, of course.) Brandon scored 2 goals.
He got to play pseudo-goalie for a while.
(They're still not allowed to touch the ball
with their hands.)

He had a couple sweet goal kicks.

Gimme five!

Brandon's biggest fan, Whitney,
sporting his cop shades.

The house was being shown after the game, so
we killed some time at a local high school fundraiser.
They had some sweet vintage cars parked out front.
Brandon LOVED that and asked if he
could borrow the camera to take some pics.

I thought this was a cute one of the boys.
(Andrew doesn't always wear a white shirt and slacks
to watch soccer games. He came straight to the game
from a baptism!)

The rest of our weekend was occupied by church stuff. It was Stake Conference, so Andrew had meetings all afternoon Saturday. We got to have dinner with the visiting General Authority, which was pretty cool. Then on Sunday Andrew and I both sang in the choir. Major props to Dee, Natalie, and David, who teamed up to watch Brandon and Whitney so that Andrew and I could sit up on the stand to sing and then JUST LISTEN to conference. (Rather than wrestling, feeding, coloring, and taking potty breaks with the kids.) It was a wonderful treat.


Natalie said...

No problem! We loved watching B Train. He is so much fun. I am sad his season is over too! I wish we could have made it to more games. Bummer. Let us know when we can help out again.


Shelley said...

Gotta love PTI and Tony Kornheiser (I know Nicolle can't stand him...)! I agree with Tony's stand on this. But I do think that for Brandon's age, participation trophies are more than appropriate. But once you start keeping score - common! They were complaining on PTI just the other day that some little leauge somewhere has banned infield chatter. You can no longer say things like "hey batter, batter, batter" and "I see a hole out there". When I played softball, I was the loudest one out on the field (surprise, surprise). It's just not competitive sports without a little taunting. That's what the movie "The Incredibles" is about - celebrating mediocrity. I think Mr. Incredible's rival, Buddy, put it best: "If everyone is special, then no one is".

Kel said...

Brandon was so good at Stake Conference, we sat right behind him. The first thing he told us was how he got a trophy! What a cute boy!

g & g hiatt said...

You have to admire Brandon's taste
in vintage cars: a 1957 Chevy no less.
Thanks for the pics.

Barb said...

Love the pictures and update - I think my dad owned a green 1957 Chevy if my memory serves me right. And I think trophies for everyone until puberty.
Grandma Sweat

Grandma Sweat said...

can't get my comment to post
only works when I don't put anything except that I can't make it work
so I"ll try again

Sandy said...

Great pictures! I think some parents take the competitiveness WAY too far, but I totally agree with you -- kids definatly need to be recognized for "trying" -- but they need to have something to work towards. What about the "thanks for coming" ribbons and pizza party AND the "hey - you WON" trophy?

Sandy said...

I totally agree with the "Incredibles" comment above - that about somes it up. Just had to run and help get a kid out of the bath before I could finish my comment up there:) I think all kids should be appreciated for their efforts, but when it gets to the point that nobody is expected to try, put forth effort or develop talents - its getting ridiculous. A little competition is a healthy thing:)

Ang said...

Love the picture of Whitney in the sunglasses! And I'm sure Brandon is a rockin' soccer player and will earn trophies as well as "earn" them :-). Jonas was expecting a trophy after ski lessons, he's become so accustomed to them!!

Jeremy and Erika said...

I agree with Shelley as far as the trophies go. At Brandon's age it's cool for everyone to get something, but I feel a little competition never hurt anybody. If you have good coaches and supportive parents who can properly teach you about competition it can only help you learn valuable life lessons.


Patrick said...

I was going to over-analyze the whole trophies for youth, but let me sum my thoughts by saying that most kids are aware, as they get older, that they lost, and they don't like to lose, and they realize that they aren't very good, and they can tie the we lost, I'm not good together. Trophies provide positive reinforcement. The losers no they stink, and the winners know they're good, and the trophies aren't fooling anyone. Not even the kids (I know, I was often EMBARASSED to have received a participation trophy when my team stunk, but I did want to do better the next year.

Off my high horse, Congratulations B-Train...I guess we'll be seing you the English Premeire League in a few years? GO Man U!

Amy said...

I remember displaying all my trophies from soccer/softball when I was growing up. Everyone got a trophy that said "MVP" on it. I'll admit it was fun to get a trophy no matter what, but I was smart enough to know that it didn't make sense for everyone to be the "Most Valuable Player". I think at Brandon's age everyone should definitely get a trophy. As he gets older (but still not quite puberty) I think everyone should still get a trophy, but the winners should get a bigger one that acknowledges that they were the best. After puberty, only trophies for the winners.

Cute pictures! I'm glad Brandon had a fun season!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Okay, here is the new Mormon rule on participation trophies - you can get them until you are 8 years old. At that time you become accountable for losing.

As far as taunting, anything that is not profane should be allowed. I just showed Brandon one of my old football vieotapes when I was in 7th grade. The first minute and a half is nothing but my team yelling, "Who are we? Cyyypruuusss! Whoooo? Cyyyprussss! Who are we gonna kill? Taylorsville! Who are we gonna kill? Taylorsville!"

Andrew "It Seems Like I Never Take Off My White Shirt" Sweat

Carrie said...

Love the pics!!! I might be the only one who thinks that everyone should get a trophy until they are 30.... : ) Then maybe I could get one!!!! ha!

Marianne said...

Your question on trophies reminds me of an article I read earlier this semester. I'll email it to you--I found it quite interesting!