Thursday, April 05, 2007

Busy, busy, fun, fun, fun

We have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog! Now I have to play catch-up on the last week, but you'll have to miss out on all the vivid details because that would be a novel of a post if I included them all. So, here's the Reader's Digest version of what we've been up to. First, we bought a van! We decided to get that Dodge Grand Caravan that I had talked about before.

Whitney named it "Honda." Don't ask me why.

Andrew took the day off of work last Friday and Brandon also had it off, so we went down to Charlotte as a family and had a great time. We went to a huge fun mall for the day and then to another Bobcats basketball game at night. It was "Family Fun Night" where you can get 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks, and 4 T-shirts for $60. Pretty good deal, huh?

Andrew said we could go deer hunting as soon as
the game was over! :)

We had a really fun time at the game. On the drive home, we heard the van making kind of a funny sound. It was really loud when you were idling. It was bothersome. Also, there was quite a bit of wind noise when you driving on the freeway. And the back was supposed to be able to automatically open and it didn't. Having all of those three problems, we decided to TAKE IT BACK. Yep. Carmax has a 5 day return policy, and we took them up on it. No charges, no problems. So we're back at square one. Actually, we're at square zero because we just donated Andrew's car to charity, so now we can't even try to charge his battery and use it. Oh, well. Hopefully we'll find our lucky van soon!!!

Over conference weekend, my aunt and uncle came to visit from northern Utah. What a treat! They actually came out to visit their son who was living in VA, but he moved home after they bought their tickets, so we got to see them instead. :)
Aunt Julene and Uncle Harry

We had a great time watching conference and visiting with them. They left Monday morning. Andrew did, too. He had another business trip, to CA this time. And Monday afternoon my Mom flew in! We're really feeling like the popular family right now. :)

We decided at the last minute to drive down to Georgia to visit my brother, Paul. It was really good to see him, but was WAY too short of a visit.

We went to a park where the boys played
baseball and the girls played on the playground.

And then out to dinner at a yummy BBQ place.

We only stayed one night in GA, then started driving home. We stopped in Asheville, NC. We wanted to drive by the Biltmore, a huge mansion that you can tour. But they don't even let you drive by the outside of it unless you have a $38 ticket. I still hope to pay that much and tour it one of these days, but not with the kids.

These were the flowers outside of the entrance.
Can't imagine how beautiful it must be INSIDE the gates.

We also stopped at a place called the FUN DEPOT where we played arcade games, Whit rode little kiddie rides, and Brandon played laser tag.

He even talked his Gigi into playing with him.

We're back in town now. I'm still trying to catch my breath. Andrew gets home tonight and my mom is staying a few more days, so we should have more fun ahead.

On a side note, Andrew got to go to a LAKERS game last night and sit in a box seat with the retiring VP of HR for Avery. How cool is that????


Natalie said...

Hey Sweats!

Those matching orange T-shirts are too cute. You really could go hunting in them! HA!

Sounds like you guys have had a busy spring break. David and I would love to go to the Biltmore Estate as well, but also heard it was very expensive. I have lived in NC my whole life and never been! Sometime we all must go.

Hope things are going well.

Ang said...

Hooray! A post from Andi. Like I said last post, I was starting to get the shakes from lack of Sweat family info. So sorry to hear about the van, though! What a pain. Like I said, we haven't had any problems with our Dodge, beyond a window that stopped rolling down after six years. (Funny enough, Tony and Cindy had the exact same problem.) Hope you find something else soon. What a fun week, though! How are you doing with Drew traveling? Hanging in there? It's really easier when you don't have a baby--and even though Whitney's just almost three, she's so mature that she counts as a big girl, I think. Hope it hasn't been to hard on all of you to have him away. But a Laker's game in a box seat? Now that's awesome. Also, when are you putting your house up for sale?

Okay, sorry for the novel. But I've saved up a week's worth of commentary!!

andrea said...

Natalie--Sounds like fun! Let's pick a date and we'll all drive down to Asheville and fork out the big bucks together! :)

Ang--So far, so good with Andrew travelling. It has been fine. The time flies by and the kids are at an easy stage. Has it been harder for you now that you have Wyatt? (Just wondering for possible future reference.) :)

We've been so busy that the house got put on the back burner. We're hoping for next week, once spring break is over.

Shelley said...

So that's where you've been. I've definitely had an "Andrea withdrawl". I called your house a couple of times and got your stupid default answering machine, so I knew you wouldn't get my message, and then I called your cell phone once but remembered that you wouldn't be able to hear me even if you did answer! :) Sorry about the van - hopefully you won't be carless for much longer. I feel like we need to catch up on your blog class, LOST, AI, our kids, visiting teaching, everything! AAAHHH!

Amy said...

That's too bad about the van. We've had so many things happen with cars these past few months that I feel bad for you having to look for another. Hopefully it's still an enjoyable process and you'll find an even better van.
What a fun family night! You guys are the perfect family of 4 to do all those "family fun night" packages.
You look so skinny in that picture with Whitney and the tulips. Are you still running? We just bought a jogging stroller and I've gone once with Dave this past week. Now I remember why I don't run. I hate it, but wish I liked it. Sorry for the novel. (-:

Paul said...

Where was that funland place, do you remember? i think i remember driving by there when we came to see you guys. that laser tag looks sweet!

Laurie said...

What a great week! I love the van and the orange shirts. What a fun family outing.

Yay for Andrew getting to enjoy a Lakers game!

andrea said...

Amy--You're so sweet. No, I'm not running anymore. But I'm still doing Billy's BootCamp and go on walks a couple times a week with my friends. The first few times running is never any fun, but it gets better. Are you going to hang in there?

Paul--That fun depot is right off the freeway in Asheville. Very fun. Maybe we could meet up there sometime and Brandon could take you down! :)