Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Real quick

I should be getting ready for bed, but I couldn't resist a quick post with two random thoughts.

1. Am I crazy or did Sanjaya actually sing well on AI tonight???? I was completely shocked, but I liked his performance. He even had good Spanish pronunciation!

2. I just found out that Singstar came out with a new version last week--Singstar Pop. As soon as I can get to a video game store (which could be a while since I don't have a car), I am buying it!!


Natalie said...

You are not crazy. Sanjaya actually did do well. I thought Blake and Chris were the best though.

David will hate me for this, but I think that Hayley is gone! He thinks she is hot. I hope she leaves just for that reason.

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Yes, Natalie: Simon hit the nail on the head when he said Haley's skimpy clothes were the only reason she was still on!

Andrea... I have a challenge for Andrew. I bet I could beat him in a FAIR Singstar competition. FAIR meaning we compete before he has a chance to practice the songs first... that way we are both seeing them for the first time. Is he IN, or is he CHICKEN?!?


Amy said...

Andi, I agree about Sanjaya. I actually don't think he's that bad. There's been a few bad weeks, but I like his voice a lot more than Chris'. Chris always sounds whiny to me. I hope Hayley or Chris get voted out, but I bet it'll be Phil.

andrea said...

I agree with Natalie's and Nicolle's thoughts on Hayley--cute girl, just not meant to win this competition. And I think Simon's right--she's smart because she knows her looks are what's keeping her in.

Nicolle--I will pass your challenge on to Andrew. I think he should be up for it...we'll see if he chickens out or not.

Amy--I felt the same way about Chris at the beginning of the season, but he's grown on me. I hope either Hayley or Phil go home. And even though Sanjaya had a good week, I still wouldn't be bummed about it if he went home, either.

Shelley's Mom said...

Shock! Shock! That's the second time he's surprised me and actually had a decent performance, but the rest of time, I'm sorry, the boy has gotta go!!!

P.S. Love the blog! :)

Barb said...

once again having trouble posting a comment - it seems to be magic if I don't write anything and just try to post so here goes.......

Ang said...

Yes, I agree about Sanjaya. He was WORKIN that camera, wasn't he? And I'm glad Haylie's gone. She was so dang pagentey (and I made that comment to Forrest before Simon called her pagenty--it's like he reads my mind.)

How about that Lost last night, though? A good one. I was starting to get a little irritated (especially with that dumb episode about those two new people we don't care about and the poison spiders), but I felt they were in top form last night. I never have trusted that blond chicky. Now the question is: why is she still working with Ben? She has no allegience to him and the sub is blown up, so how can she get off the island????