Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hot Rod, hot housing market, not-so-hot driving

So much to update!

*First, we got another van. Yippee! We've been driving it for 2 days and so far, so good. We still have 3 days to return it to Carmax, so I'm trying not to get too attached. The kids have affectionately named it, "Hot Rod." I think Brandon came up with it after those souped up cars in the movie CARS.

As you can see, it bears no resemblance--
no flames on the sides or fin in the back,
but I guess we'll stick with the name anyway.

It is wonderful to have my freedom back again. And we even took a card table and four folding chairs with us to our friend, Michael's, birthday party and we all still fit in the car. Nice.

*In other exciting news, we had two showings of the house on Saturday and one of them MADE US AN OFFER. Hello! That was 3 days on the market. Crazy. The offer isn't what we wanted, so we're still in the process of bartering with the potential buyers. We'll see what happens. I'm so glad Andrew likes to negotiate because I DON'T.

*And, finally, at Patrick's request, I'll elaborate on the driving record from ages 15-20. I had five accidents in those five years. Knock on wood, I haven't had one since. I hit two parked cars. One was when I was still learning how to drive a stick shift and backing out of a sloped parking spot. Bad circumstances. The other one, I backed my parents Suburban right into a woman who was sitting in her brand new car that didn't even have license plates yet. Ouch. She was irate, but not injured. Then I drove off a fifteen foot cliff (the dike) outside of Winslow. I had 2 friends with me and was just being stupid. Amazingly, none of us were hurt and I even drove that car home after the towing truck fished it out. Then I hit a girl on a bike while at BYU. She was riding her bike the wrong way down the street and I didn't see her. She wasn't hurt that bad. Her husband told us that it was the 3rd or 4th time she had been hit on her bike, poor thing. And the fifth accident was the worst. I was at a stop sign trying to cross four lanes of traffic and didn't quite make it. The car got a good amount of damage that time(but neither of us drivers were hurt). Andrew and I had been married for about a month. I think he was wondering what he got himself into. :) All five accidents were my fault. (Ok, the girl on the bike was partially at fault, too.) I think I was just airheaded and didn't realize what a responsibility it was to drive. I'm just SO grateful that nothing worse happened.


Sandy said...

I know I shouldn't be...but I'm totally laughing out loud at your bad driving record...I hit 2 parked cars back in the day, too -one was a stick-shift on a hill accident - I put it in reverse instead of first and hit the damage, though; another was backing into a parked car on a dimly lit street (I thought I'd hit the did all my friends with me - we even got out and looked...but I got home to a cop car sitting in my driveway because some car driving by had reported my parent's minivan in a "hit and run"...I was sure I was going to have to quit BYU because of my new criminal record, lol -- they didn't press charges though:) Luckily the only accidents in our family since I've been married (knock on wood) have been with Jake driving - which is funny, cause he's the one I'd say is generally a better driver. Anyway. Thanks for the giggle;) And may your minivan keep you happy for many years to come:)

Jayne said...

I'm all caught up on your blog & anxious to hear about the house offer and see the van!!

Amy said...

You're not carless anymore! YEA! Congrats on finally finding a van (unless something happens in the next day or two). I love the stories of your driving record. Hilarious!

Patrick said...

Well, thanks for elaborating. Based on that information, perhaps the world was better off with you being carless! We hope the new car works out for you, and good luck on the house negotiations.

Natalie said...

Your van is awesome! Good luck with selling the house, although it sounds like you don't need it. And don't forget if you move close to us we can babysit your kids anytime you want...ha ha ha. The battle over the Sweats continues!


Denny & Joe said...

Wow, Andi -- Am morbidly impressed with your list of accidents. That was interesting reading!

Paul said...

you didn't tell everyone how you left the scene of your first accident! I guess it's okay to do that if your dad is the one telling you to leave. They probably still have a warrant out for your arrest in winslow!!! hehe.

andrea said...

Thanks a lot, Paul! The driving record was bad enough on its own without telling everyone that I hit and ran on the first one!!

You're right...if anything happened, I'd just blame it on Dad. :)