Monday, April 30, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--April

Hope you get a few chuckles out of this month's installment.

April 8th--Brandon woke up this Easter Sunday morning and walked directly to the back window. He stood there with his face pressed agains the glass. Andrew was lying on the couch and said, "Come snuggle with me, buddy." Brandon said, "I can't. I'm looking for the Easter bunny." How cute is that? Andrew told him that the bunny had already come to our house the day before, so come snuggle. Brandon replied, "Ok...if you'll open the blinds." He wanted to make sure he wasn't going to miss anything!
On the lookout

April 8th--It was FREEZING this morning when we went out to the car. Whitney told Andrew, "The heater makes me breathe and the cold makes me cold." Deep.

April 8th--Whitney is making up songs in the back seat on the way to church this morning. Here are a few examples:
"And your mommy calls out softly, 'Sweet dreams. Sweet dreams, honey.'"
"High on the mountain top, I saw an angry eel." (Kinda close there, babe.)
"Galaxies. Galaxies. Galaxies. Galax-eee-eee-eees."

April 9th--Whitney just told me, in a breathy magical voice, "I dream about my life. I wish for a magical Belle dress and Aurora dress."

April 11th--I'm not sure what prompted this, but I found this note today in Brandon's bedroom:
Can you make out what it says?
"Mom and Dad are SO mean.
I mean it."
I feel like a real winner.

April 12th--I don't know where W comes up with these things, but she was having a little argument with B and she yelled at the top of her lungs, "You fool!" It was one of those moments where we had to contain our laughter before we could ask her to talk nicely to her brother.

April 13th--B is going through a shark phase right now. He was reading me a book about shark attacks (that was WAY too graphic for an elementary school library, so had to be returned early) and he said, "I think I like sharks about two percent more than Star Wars." Now that's serious!
16% cuter than your average 5 year old
(This was taken after a kindergarten program.
He doesn't always walk around with a neckerchief.)

April 16th--When anyone wished Whit a happy birthday today, she would excitedly reply, "Happy Birthday!" People weren't quite sure how to respond to that.
Happy Birthday, Everyone!

April 18th--We were outside working in the yard today and a fly kept buzzing by Whit's head. She said, "That bug thinks there's nectar in my hair!"

April 21st--I'm afraid Brandon is going to surpass my math skills by the end of next school year. Today he took a nap, so he got big boy time after Whit went to bed. We told him he could have 45 minutes and asked what he wanted to do with it. He thought long and hard and said, "I want to play Scrabble for 23 minutes and color with you guys for 22 minutes." Oh my gosh--he's a walking calculator. (No nerd jokes about him wanted to play Scrabble, either!)

April 23rd--Continuing on the math theme, Brandon's homework tonight was six addition problems. He was SO excited because he has been waiting all year to do REAL math. After he had finished he told me, "Mom, I had math homework today AND I did math with my teacher for centers. I must be MATH-LETIC or something."
This is the look of a boy who is

April 26th--Whitney is really interested in gender right now. She always comments on who is a boy and who is a girl. In the backseat of the car today she said, "I'm not a boy today. But I'm important because I'm a girl." I thought that was cute. She thinks that she's going to grow up to be a boy. I keep trying to tell her she's always going to be a girl, but so far it hasn't sunk in.
WAY too pretty to be a boy.

4/27--Now that Brandon can read on his own, he'll sometimes shower me with interesting facts from the books he reads in bed at night. Today he informed me, "Mom, did you know that vultures can see their prey from forty miles away?" No, sweetheart, I didn't.
A wealth of knowledge inside
that little helmet-protected mind

4/29--I know I was just commenting about how my kids are reverent in church MOST of the time. Well today, we had one moment that was very irreverent, but it cracked me up. (It got a good belly laugh out of Natalie, too, who was sitting right behind us!) Greg was conducting sacrament mtg and announced the opening song. The organ began playing and Whitney's eyes lit up and she yelled, "The Bobcats!" I'm sure she thought the organist was playing duh-duh-duh-du-du-duh...Charge! (Or George! take your pick) that we'd heard numerous times when we went to Bobcats games.

4/30--Whitney bought a new little Aurora Sleeping Beauty doll with the rest of her birthday money today. While we were driving home, she was holding the still unopened doll and admiring her. She asked Brandon, "Doesn't she look gorgeous? And silver? And clean?" Traits that all princesses have, apparently.
Our little princess--gorgeous, NOT
silver, and usually not very clean.

4/30--Now I know we've been reading too many princess books to Whit. (Is that possible?) We were playing at the park this afternoon and she said, "Isn't it magnificent? Isn't it excellent? Isn't it terrific?" Yes, Whitney, it is a pretty nice park, but I've never thought of it as magnificent.


Natalie said...

I am still laughing about the Bobcats comment in church. Hilarious!

In class on Sunday I had the kids imagine they had a pet, any pet they wanted. I went around the class and most answers were kitty cats, puppies, etc. But when I got to Brandon he said a shark.

Unfortunately his chosen pet wouldn't work with the situation because they were suppose to take care of the pet when it was sick and not feeling well. I am not sure how he would take care of a Shark!

Denny & Joe said...

Math-letic! What a great word! As usual, your monthly installment is hilarious.

Sandy said...

Great post! Love "mathletic" and "go bobcats" -- tooooooo cute!