Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Did everyone have a fun Easter? We did. Here's what we usually do in our family. We do all the fun "Easter Bunny" activities on Saturday.

We colored eggs when we first woke up.
The kids were good at it this year.

Then Andrew and I hide eggs and gifts
in the backyard for the kids to find.

It was fun to hide some difficult ones for
B-train this year. He rose to the challenge.
(Notice the winter coats. It has been FREEZING
here. I think the low last night was in the mid-20's.

We had a little egg toss in the backyard after the hunt.
After this "toss" it turned into more of a fight.
I think Brandon won. It was a fun morning, but
would've been even more fun with some cousins!

My mom watched the kids for a while this weekend, so Andrew and I could do some more van-shopping. We drove the Nissan Quest and liked it. Carmax is shipping one here from Raleigh that we're going to test drive when it gets here. I'm SO ready to have 2 vehicles again! You should've seen me SQUEEZE myself into the backseat of Sally(the Accord) while my mom was here. I didn't need a seat belt beause I was wedged in there so tight.

On Saturday night, my mom and I went to a college
production of "Man of La Mancha." It was fun to get
out and do something cultural with her. I'd forgotten
that it's kind of a skanky play. But the music is so good.
The male leads were really good actors, but the female
lead sung too softly. I had to strain to hear her.

One of the great perks of Easter Sunday:
No meetings for Andrew. Yippee!
We dropped my mom off at the airport this morning
and then all drove to church TOGETHER.
What a novel concept.

Here we are all in our Easter best.

I thought the kids looked cute.
Whitney said she was Belle today.
(from Beauty and the Beast, of course.)

A family from church invited us over for Easter Dinner. Wasn't that nice? My mom had made us a nice dinner before she left, and the week has been so hectic that I was just going to call that Easter Dinner and not do anything fancy today. Instead we got to go enjoy a feast that felt like Thanksgiving--turkey AND ham, homemade rolls, stuffing, veggies, jello. We ate to our hearts' content and loved the company, too.


Natalie said...

Andrea you are so fast at putting your easter blog up. I haven't even downloaded my pictures to the computer yet! Easter sounds way more fun with kids I must say.

And you guys look so cute! I think we have the same skirt though. Did you get yours at Kohl's? Mine is a different color though cream with brown. I wore it to church in chapel hill yesterday. We have great taste what can I say!

Marianne said...

Your Easter sounded fun--especially the part about no meetings--wasn't that great!

We did dinner at our house with three of our neighbors--it was so fun and we did our first spiral ham! What a great concept--it's already cooked and cut--we just had to heat it!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter! That's nice to not have any meetings for Andrew. Good luck with the van shopping. I know how annoying it is to only have one car. The days seem so much longer and it's hard to not get any errands done.

Ang said...

Fun Easter! Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Brandon looks so adorable in his suit - and I love the first picture of the kids dying Easter Eggs - I wonder how many generations have been able to do it with the little tablets and vinegar - doesn't the smell of vinegar just remind you of Easter? Or did you use a different kind? Your mom is so great to go out and visit and help you out at the same time. I also loved your "Feast for the Eyes" post - it brought a little piece of your zest for life and attention to detail home to us here in Utah!