Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Last Leg: Weatherford, TX to Home Sweet Home

We made the short drive to Weatherford to spend a day with Aunt Irene and Uncle Bill.  Irene took us to the Lido Fun Center.  I can't help but think of our cruise every time I say that name.  It was like Chuck E. Cheese.  On steroids. 
They have a pizza buffet.
We ate twice.

Caroline was particularly fond of the slushies.

We loved mini bowling.

Whit continued to channel her inner cowgirl.
Even though I didn't buy her the boots.

W and I attempted to give each other whiplash on the bumper cars.

Brandon came even closer to getting injured on the go-karts.
I didn't know it was possible to wreck these.

Caroline won the safest driver award for the day.
This place was perfect for escaping the 109 degree heat.
Thanks so much, Aunt Irene!
Also while at her house,
the kids befriended the miniature donkeys

and ponies.
They grew attached quickly and were so sad to bid farewell
to Nick-Nick, Beauty, Summer, Scout, and Vanilla Wafer.

And Misty, one of my best girlfriends from elementary school, also
stopped by for a visit.  So good to see her and meet her cute little boy.

I was NOT excited about the last two days of driving.
I was ready to be done.
I longed for my own bed.
But I still had a thousand miles to drive.
So we drove.

Stopped in Shreveport again.
Sci-Port is a great place to stretch your legs and cool off.

B tried the bed of nails again.

Then we tried the space walk.
Whitney hates space.

We stopped at a crappy hotel in Meridian, Mississippi.
Made me want my own bed even more!

On our last day of driving, we stopped in Anniston, AL
at their natural history museum.
I kinda hurried the kids through.
We saw lots of taxidermied animals.

I thought these Egyptian sarcophagi were fascinating.

After having to drive through pouring rain and bumper-to-bumper traffic (in Tuscaloosa, AL of all places), we made it home!  It was SO good to see Andrew and to relax in our own space.  Next year we might have to make the road trip two days shorter so I don't burn out.  Or hire someone to drive me home from Texas.


grandma sweat said...

One of the great things about your ability to stay connected with so many of us, is that it was fun to see pictures of Aunt Irene! Also very impressed with sarcophagi. I would have called them sarcophigusses!
Thanks for the great 2010 recap. Loved your parting line :0
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

I still can't believe you do this every year. You are crazy.