Sunday, August 15, 2010

Utah fun

More of our adventures in Utah.

*Did a photo shoot with Olivia Mae.

Sure miss this little cutie pie.

I love baby toes.

*Took pics with as many cousins as we could.
Learned that building a cousin pyramid is not so easy
when two-year-olds are involved.

That's more like it.

Figured Olivia wasn't ready to take her place at the top yet,
so went with the traditional couch shot.

*Played Singstar
Rock on!

*Went for afternoon tea--make that hot cocoa--at the Grand America

The women's table

The young women's table.
These crazy girls refused to even try the salmon mousse with caviar.
Go figure.
So the waitress brought out ham and cheese finger sandwiches.
Also little ones with piped PB&J.
Can food be cute?
Because I think this was.
None of us were afraid to try anything on the dessert cart.
Mmmmm....I wish I was eating my fruit tart right now.

Thanks, Grandma!

*Walked Petunia
So glad my kids can visit pets.
We may never own one.

*Ate shaved ice.
Why, oh, why don't they sell this stuff in NC?

*Hiked Harper's Corner at Dinosaur National Monument
It is a two-mile round trip hike.
Not too strenuous.
My parents were a little worried about Caroline making it.
I told them I could carry her if I needed to.
Turns out Brandon was the one we needed to worry about.
He has developed a fear of heights.
And there are some steep drop-offs.
He and Gigi headed back to the van where he played his DS for hours.

He really missed out.

The views were spectacular.

The girls made it to the end!

With Grandpa's help.

I love hiking.
Wish I did this more often.

We even saw some rafters on the Green River.
Made me wonder if anyone was spying on Andrew and I
when we went a couple of weeks ago..

*Went geocaching
This is one of my parents' favorite pastimes.
My kids love it when we can join in.

Our first cache of the day.
We found about six.

I had requested some time to go hiking the desert.
And I got my wish.
Loved it.
Thanks, Dad and Mom!

*Celebrated Grandma Ranquist's birthday
What a blessing to still have several grandparents with us.

We had fun eating ice cream,

playing volleyball,

jumping on the trampoline,

and posing for pics with the birthday girl
at my insistence.

Tony was less than excited about it.

Thanks to everyone who let us stay with them, fed us, and made our stay in Utah so much fun!  Let's do it again.  Next year?


Natalie said...

Brandon is affraid of heights? That is a bummer! He really missed out on those beautiful views. And gotta love the Grand America Hotel.

Fear of heights is healthy said...

Wow What a cool post. You packed in so many things on the blog I am amazed that you actually DID all of them physically yourself, with the kids and Drew and all of us lucky relatives. I know you did them - I was there - and loved seeing all of the Gerber-side adventures too. Sorry that Brandon is scared of heights! Although those heights looked kinda scary - everything looked so fun and thanks for getting back into blogging - it's been a long time waiting for you to get back home and catch us up.

Hope you are enjoying sleeping in your own bed tonight.
Love and kisses,
Grandma Sweat

Kiersten said...

Looks like you packed in a ton of fun on your trip :)

rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Looks like you guys had lots and lots of fun! And I think Max needs to take some modeling lessons from Caroline: I love seeing her cheesing for the camera! (Max either covers up his face or runs away...) And I'm like Brandon. We have a "mountain" here that you can drive up and I have to either close my eyes or at least look away from the edge on the way up 'cause the drop freaks me out.

Mandi Peo said...

Another great summer adventure! We do need to get together soon since we missed each other in Utah. Maybe sometime this fall??

A Hunter said...

I don't blame them, salmon mousse! Really!

I can't believe Caroline made the hike. Where did I go wrong with my 2 girls? We can't even walk up the street without a meltdown.