Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes--August

8/4--Whit tried a new flavor of slush during happy hour at Sonic:  Blue Coconut.  When I asked her how it was she said, "It makes me do the taste bud dance!"

Go taste buds.  Go taste buds.

8/5--As we were driving through all the beautiful rock formations in southern Utah, we looked for shapes in the rocks. 

 We founds formations that looked like a turtle, a submarine, and a snake.
(Not all at the same time.)

Then we passed this:
Whitney said, "That one looks like a windmill!"
Because it was.

8/15--Andrew and the kids were playing "Skipping Lady" upstairs.  Whitney didn't want the boys touching her Polly Pockets.  She told them, "No one with grubby sensibilities can touch them."  What has she been watching lately?

8/16--We went out for lunch today and were talking about school starting.  We were debating about college start dates--whether or not they started before elementary school.  Out of nowhere Caroline chimed in with, "I hate college."  Wha???

They LOOK like kids who would appreciate college.

8/20--We ate s'mores at the ward campout tonight.  Caroline calls them candy, graham crackers, and "smashmellows."  Love it.

8/24--At the science center today, one of the wallabies was being very friendly.
B said, "How many nine-year-olds can say they touched a wallaby today?"

 8/25--While Whit was packing her lunch this morning, "I wish I had three hands.  I need one to hold the top of the baggie, one to hold the bottom of it, and the third one to pour in the animal crackers."  I guess she could just ask for help.

8/29--I made hush puppies with dinner tonight.  It was a first for me.  Another step toward becoming official Southerners.  Caroline took a bite, scrunched her nose, and said, "Tastes poison."

 NOT doing the taste bud dance.

8/29--Care Bear has been ultra-affectionate lately and we are eating it up.  Tonight she walked up to me, gave me a BIG hug around my leg and said, "I love your knees!"

 And I love your knees, too, sweetheart.

8/31--While shopping today, Caroline got SO excited to see this:

"Mommy, it's paper towels!  For doggies!"


carmar76 said...

I love kid quotes! And I have to admit - the first time I saw a Cottonelle TP commercial w/ the puppy, I wondered if that's where they were going w/ that...! : )

Ang said...

Puppies DO have grubby sensibilities.

Great post!

Natalie said...

Caroline is too adorable! But I can't believe she didn't like hush puppies. Tell her to dip them in chocolate. That is how we eat them!

Grandma Sweat said...

One of the best parts of time going by is that there's always the first of the month and the ultimate surprise of OOTMOB's. Love experiencing life through the eyes of the sweat kidlets!

The Grandmama Sweat

The Oregonians said...

Caroline is going to be a gold mine for this monthly feature of your blog. Love 'em all.

Sandy said...

SO cute!!!

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

What smart and funny children you have. And Caroline's pretty curls. Oh my gosh...can a kid be any cuter?

amy said...

Caroline is so stinkin' cute! Her hair in the hush puppies picture is adorable.

andrea said...

Natalie--she DID like the hush puppies we had at Libby Hill the week before. It was just my semi-burned ones that tasted like poison. You dip them in chocolate???

Amy--She was actually behind a wind machine in that picture. Didn't we decide that was the best way to take pics? :)

Kiersten said...

Another great post. Love the paper towels for doggies.

Julie said...

Caroline! What a beauty! And she loves you and loves your knees. What more could a mother want? Love to you, Andrew and the kids. Aunt Julie