Sunday, August 29, 2010

The new Fourth and First Graders

I loved the first day of school when I was a kid.  I remember it was hard to fall asleep the night before.  Kinda like Christmas Eve. 

I'm so happy my kids were just as excited to start their school year. 

Brandon started fourth grade.
I moved to Winslow when I was his age.
It was a pivotal year for me.
I remember  A LOT from that time and am still good friends with some of my classmates.  
Strange for me to picture B as a fourth grader.

Anyway, he is very excited about his teacher, Mrs. Rodgers.  However, due to some health problems with her husband, she is not starting the year out with the kids.  He has a sub that he is not so excited about.  I'm hoping the time will pass quickly and Mr. Rodgers will have improved health soon.  Very soon.

One of his best friends, Cole, from third grade is in his class, as are a few friends from previous years.  He thinks it is pretty cool that he will switch classes for Math and Science.  And he is very excited to continue working on Successmaker, a computer program that can help you advance in Math and Reading skills.  His favorite parts of the day are his specials:  PE, Music, and Computer Lab.

Miss Whitney started first grade.

She LOVES her teacher, Mrs. Garrison, who taught one of her reading groups last year.  She is already making new friends, Chase and Pita.  She also loves running into kindergarten classmates in the hall and on the playground.  She is looking forward to learning subtraction.  Lunch is her favorite part of the day.

There is just one family member who is NOT happy about school starting.
Caroline bawled when B and W left for the day.
She just knew she was missing out on something good.
Our morning bike rides have helped ease her sadness.
But you should see the smile on her face
when she wakes up from her afternoon naps
to find that they are home.


Destinee said...

Brandon looks so grown up!
I love Whit's hair! And that picture of Caroline is just so cute and so sad all at the same time!
Miss you guys!

Ang said...

Great pictures! I love the first day of school too. I vividly remember how hard it was on Jonas when he was Caroline's age and the older two would head to school. Wyatt hasn't liked it much either. Hooray for preschool this year!

amy said...

Poor Caroline. Macy feels the same way about Jack, but it's only for a few hours.

I'm glad B and Whit look forward to school. They look like such big kids!

Diana said...

Your kids are so cute! It was fun to get to know them and see their personalities shining through your pics :).

Natalie said...

Pita? Is that someone's name? Tell Care Bear she can come over here and play to ease her sadness.

Grandma Sweat said...

Oh goodness gracious, that picture of Care Bear is the epitome of bawling - it's so spot-on that I can hardly look at it - bless her little curly head. Brandon and Whitney are so cool/cute and I hope Brandon's real teacher comes back soon. Maybe next week hopefully?
XO miss you!
Grandma Sweat

The Oregonians said...

They all look so grown up and it has only been a few weeks since we saw you all. Must have something to do with the maturing factor of first day of school.

Andrew said...

The irony of Caroline screaming bloody murder right underneath the sign that says, "We live after the manner of happiness" is classic. Classic, I tells ya!

Sandy said...

We're going through that too...but now the youngest has figured out that she can do WHATEVER the HECK she wants and have her way with everyone else's toys while they're at school...I think she is getting used to the idea of being the only one at home in a big way, LOL!