Thursday, August 05, 2010


We met Andrew's fam up at Pineview Reservoir for a little reunion, minus Amy and Dave and their three cuties.  It was three days full of good food, lots of sun, cousin fun, games, and boating.  LOVED it.

Andrew pulled Care Bear and Vivi around in the raft.

The three 9-year-olds dug a cave.
Then it collapsed.
We were thankful none of them were injured.

Between my driving halfway across the country
and then Andrew and I taking our getaway,
it was good to have some time with our whole little family together.

Andrew and I both got up on the wakeboard.
Woo hoo!
Andrew looked like a pro out there.
Me?  Not so much.

 But we both had fun.
And then were sore for the next several days.

I went down about two seconds after this pic.

There was always a flurry of activity on our little spot of beach.

Whit tried knee boarding for the first time.
You go, girl!

I got to take a turn driving the boat.
I felt powerful.

Ang and Forrest enjoyed the gorgeous sunset.

Other highlights:  all the school-age cousins staying in a condo with Grandma and Grandpa, the cute little clubhouse where they played games, getting to share our condo with Ang, Forr, Tone, Cind, and the "babies" (any child age 2-5), staying up way too late visiting and playing Wits and Wagers or Settlers, Whit and Eli playing with Bendaroos for hours, and Wyatt giving his best parade wave from the knee board.


The Oregonians said...

Some great pictures.
Can't beat family outings.
You all look great.

Grandma Sweat said...

Thanks so much for posting these Andrea! I love the smile on your face in both of your wakeboarding photos!! and also that first one of the two little girls in the boat. So cute. It was so much fun - and all we needed was the 5 little Huish's to make it perfect. I LOVED it and thanks so much for coming to town and giving us so many reasons to count our blessings and enjoy spending time together. Hope you're having a fun day today - can't wait to read about it in a few days!
Grandma Sweat

Julie said...

Adorable, adorable pictures. Just look at those two little angel cousins together. What fun! Love you guys!!!