Friday, August 20, 2010

Next up: Texas. Yee haw!

We tore ourselves away from those cute little babies and headed out for TX.  Grandma hadn't been home in almost four months.  (And I thought WE took long trips.)  We decided to let her sleep in her own bed for a couple of nights before heading out to NC.  Plus we wanted to visit with our San Saba relatives.

On the way...
We drove through more beautiful desert landscape.

Stopped at a very fun museum in Albuquerque

where the kids performed experiments with water

and air.

This nail table was my favorite.

Whitney lost her front tooth which had been loose since March.  (March!)  And had been flopping in the wind for the last few days.  She said it just popped out as we were driving.

We had a blast playing with our cousins in San Saba.
Making bunny ears with Abby and Alexis.

Eating yellow watermelon with Jenna and Jada.

Swimming with Josh.
We basically had the pool to ourselves.
So fun.

Also stopped at Harry's western wear store.
The sharp leather smell is nostalgic of all my
childhood visits to San Saba.
The kids decided they were fans of cowboy boots.

I see potential here.


Natalie said...

I hope you bought new boots for the whole family - and I hope you wear them to church on Sunday. Yee Haw!

Sandy said...

What? You guys are still on summer vaca?? No fair!

andrea said...

Sandy--We're home. School hasn't started yet, but I'm just getting caught up on the road trip blogging. Internet access during the second half of the trip was spotty.

Grandma Sweat said...

Whit was made for cowboy boots! And so were the rest of you - Andrew would only be about 6 foot 8 if he put on a pair!!
Grandma Sweat

amy said...

Yellow watermelon? Am I the only one confused here? I guess I need to go to Texas.