Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Basketball weekend

Friday nights Andrew has church basketball. Our team rocks. I think our shortest guy is 5'11" and everyone else is well over 6 feet. It kinda makes you feel sorry for the other team, but it sure is fun to win.

Saturdays Brandon has basketball. His team was playing the #1 team this weekend. Brandon's is #2. He was so pumped up before the game begin--sure they could beat these guys. It didn't go well. I think the score was like 19-8. That #1 team was amazing--running layup drills on our kids. No points for Brandon this week. He didn't even get a shot up. He continued to play tough defense and had a steal or two, though. (I won't talk about the number of turnovers he had.)

On Saturday night, we drove down to Charlotte. The Bobcats (our NBA team) were holding a blood drive for a local blood bank. They had a promotion for every blood donor--two free tickets. It was one of those things that sounded too good to be true. Andrew and I called the contact number and made sure it was really happening and made the drive. When we got there, they had a line to donate, but said we could sign up for an appt later in the evening. So we did. And then we went to the local Chuck E. Cheese. (You'd think I was on a mission to visit every CEC in America!) I didn't win the bonus on Skeeball--but Andrew did! Woo hoo! When we got back to the arena, we found out that they had several reactions in the bloodmobile and were very far behind in the donations. The woman in charge told us they wouldn't have time to get to us. Oh, great! Andrew was persistent and we still got our four free tickets--after we promised that we'd donate blood up here.

Go Bobcats!

We got to watch the Bobcats play the 76ers--no Allen Iverson anymore. Bummer. :( It was a fun game. Whitney had had ENOUGH basketball in the previous 48 hours and wanted to leave, but the rest of us enjoyed it.

It was interesting to go to 2 NBA games in 2 different venues, one soon after the other. Here were some of the differences:

*Bobcats Arena was EMPTY. I understand why they gave away the free tickets--they need fans in there!

*Charlotte had a much better National Anthem. That girl rocked! But she sang the same wrong word as the girl at the Jazz game--"FOR" the land of the free...

*Even though we were in the upper deck, we still got comfy, cushy chairs at the Bobcats game. Nice.

*Bobcats arena is MUCH quieter than the Jazz.

*Charlotte had the coolest pregame show--flames and fireworks. Gotta love that!

Can you see the basketball flame and the
fireworks by the hoop?

I think the kids (especially Whitney) would tell you that the best part of the game was before we even went into the arena.

Brandon loved this van parked outside
with "Rufus Lynx" painted on the side

Dunkin Donuts was there with this walking
latte as a mascot. The kids thought he was HILL-arious.


Amy said...

What a fun basketball weekend. I'm sorry we (the Denver Nuggets) stole Allen Iverson. You'll just have to come to Denver and go to a game with us.

Anonymous said...

Brandon - You need to come back to a Jazz game soon - I don't think they've won a game since the Portland game we went to!