Saturday, January 13, 2007

My 43

Some of my blogging friends have been posting "My 100" lists at the start of this year. They are 100 things you may or may not know about them. I am a little impatient, so I only came up with 43 before I got bored with it. You may get bored long before you finish reading all 43...and I wouldn't blame you. Here goes, in completely random order.

1. I have a crush on several NBA players including Shaq, Allen Iverson, Alan Houston, and Ray Allen.

2. I love the smell of clean laundry.

3. I love being tall.

4. My hair used to be naturally curly when I first got married (almost 10 years ago!) then it went straught and now it's getting curly again.

5. I lettered in 3 sports in high school--volleyball, softball and track.

Me and my track buddies

6. I play the piano and hope to own one someday.

7. I played the trumpet in 5th and 6th grades and still remember the C scale.

8. I met Greg Brady (Barry Williams) when I was in college and even got to dance on stage with him.
See him signing autographs in the background?

9. I don't drink pop.

10. I can't eat chicken (or any other meat) off the bone. Grosses me out.

11. I like to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

12. Summer has always been my favorite season, but spring is starting to take over and autumn is not far behind.

13. I wanted to be a dentist from 5th grade through my freshman year of college.

14. I used to have brown eyes when I was a kid. They started changing to hazel when I was in HS and are still getting lighter.

15. I lived on or near Native American reservations all growing up because my dad works for the Indian Health Service.

16. I'm half Mexican--no one ever guesses that by the color of my skin.

Me and my mom.
No, I'm not standing on a platform or wearing heels.

17. I grew taller than my mom when I was in 7th grade.

18. I love to talk. And I love to listen.

19. I used to be a tomboy and have gotten in touch with my feminine side over the last 5 years.

20. I'm very competitive, especially when it comes to board games. Word games are my favorite--Taboo, Scrabble, 25 Words or Less.

21. Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower.

22. I said "No" to Andrew the first two times he asked me out, so I asked HIM on our first date. I made spaghetti and burnt breadsticks and we rented Happy Gilmore.

23. I have lived in 6 different states so far--UT, NM, MT, AZ, NV & NC.

24. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I'm the second oldest. We look nothing alike and I got asked if I was adoped quite often when I was growing up. (I wasn't.)

Here are the five of us with our parents
Paul, Me, Mark
Celeste, Dad, Destiny
Mom in front

25. I took Industrial Arts both years in Jr. High. I loved using a plane in wood shop and soldering stuff in metal shop.

26. I LOVED growing up in a small town, but am afraid I'm too spoiled to the conveniences of living in a city. I don't know if I could move back.

27. I have the hardest time buying jeans that fit me right. They're either too tight or too baggy and often too short.

28. I had kind of given up scrapbooking in favor of blogging for the last six months, but hope to start scrapping again this year.

29. Both of my parents, my grandma, and my husband are fluent in Spanish. I only speak enough to get myself in trouble. I hope to learn someday.

30. In college I went through a streak of quitting jobs very often. I worked 8 different jobs in a space of about 4 years, including janitor on BYU campus, dental assistant, telemarketer, phone rep at Nuskin, and personal assistant for a social worker.

31. I never had to wear braces and was blessed with straight teeth.

I hope my kids get straight teeth, too!

32. If my husband and kids would agree to come along with me, I think I could be a vegetarian. (They won't, though.)

33. I've been wearing the same toe ring for 9 nine years now. I bet my that toe has a permanent indentation now.

34. One of my worst fears is that a bug will crawl in my ear while I"m sleeping and lay eggs.

35. I enjoy public speaking.

36. My latest idea for a new reality show: Let viewers decide which applicants will qualify for microcredit loans. Now that's some quality TV.

37. When I was in high school, seniors got to spray paint their names on the street on one block between the gym and the main building. I felt like such a rebel.

ANDI G! #13

38. I love reading to and with my kids. Actually, I just enjoy reading in general.

39. Andrew kissed me for the first time while we were studying Anatomy.

40. I love the Beach Boys Christmas album. My parents used to listen to it when we were kids and I have downloaded several of the songs and me and my kids listen to it now. (Andrew tries to avoid it when possible.)

41. I broke my finger playing softball and it never healed quite right, so it will always be a little crooked.

42. I never set my alarm clock for a time that ends in a five or a zero. Usually I prefer 1 or 6.

43. My favorite food is rice and beans with homemade tortillas.


Jayne said...

Enjoyed your list! I'm totally with you on the vegetarian thing.

Have you ever been to or was that a coincidence?

andrea said...

Complete coincidence. How funny.

Amy said...

Hmmm...that's a good list, there were a lot of things I didn't know about you. What did you run in track? My favorite thing on your list is #42.

nitpickey proof reader in Sandy said...

Re No. 29:
Talk about things we didn't know !
Your husband is Spanish? Do his
parents know that?

Sandy said...

Cool list! I learned all kinds of new things! Actually I think the only things I already knew were: that you used to be a janitor on campus (I remember running into you at the health center), that you wanted to be a dentist and about your first date with Andrew...I remember him telling all of us at work that you FINALLY went out with him and how cool it was that you watched an Adam Sandler movie with him:) The only other thing I remember from you guys dating is that he had this huge plan that he was going to ask a girl to marry him by bring a couch up Provo Canyon and having pop or Martinellis or something cooling in a stream and watching TV with a generator? something like that...did you ever do that date?

Mom Sweat said...

I thought of your list when I made a completely vegeterian dinner tonight - my favorite is #5 - the picture is classic!
Mom Sweat

Denny & Joe said...

Loved your list, Andi. Would love to read 57 more things if you get a chance....

Laurie said...

Andi, I'm glad you made a list. You have great teeth. The picture of you and your mom is definitely classic. I too thought number 42 was very interesting. I can think of a few other things about you that I have observed and admire about you:
1. You wear great jewelry
2. You have great fashion sense
3. You have a great relationship with your husband
4. You are good at making friends
5. You are great at documenting your family life
6. You love people and make friends easily
7. You are happy/positive and rarely get down
8. You take motherhood's little challenges in stride
9. Living the gospel comes naturally to you
10. You seem to have a yellow personality - always up for a fun adventure with the kids and willing to jump right into the fun with them

andrea said...

Let's see...

I ran long distance in track. Mainly the 800, mile, and 2 mile. I also would sometimes run the 4x400 relay and the 4x800 relay.

Thank you nitpicky Grandpa. :) I've corrected my little typo. If both my mom and dad were Spanish, I guess that would make me Spanish, too, huh?

Sandy--Andrew's other potential fiancee must've gotten that proposal! :) He proposed at Provo Rock Canyon park, but there was no couch, TV, generator, or Martinelli's involved.

Laurie--you're so nice. I guess with your 10, I now have 52. Anyone care to come up with 47 more? :)

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

I'd like to clarify #39. While studying one night, Andrea nestled up against me, gazed into my eyes, leaned forward, and put her lips about 3/4 of an inch from mine. She essentially yelled, "Kiss me already, you big wimp!" Even though I technically initiated the contact, it was Andrea who was undoubtedly responsible for our first kiss.

Angela Hallstrom said...

In #35, you spelled "spanking" wrong. :-)
(and Forrest. His idea.)