Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Moments, part 2

Ok, Christmas seems like it is long gone, but ours is being stretched over a three week period, so I'm still considering these as Christmas Moments.

*Big Family Party with Andrew's side of the family. This was the first time we've had it since Grandpa passed away. It was sad to see Grandma sitting by herself in front of the fireplace. :( He was missed, but we still had a really good time.

Grandma's still looking good

One of my favorite parts of the party is playing these
bells to a couple of Christmas songs.

*Going to the temple WITH Andrew. Finally.

*All of the cousins having a sleepover on Grandma's
living room floor. There were 8 kids ages 10 and under.
They were asleep before 11:30. Not bad, huh?

*Playing SingStar at Angie and Forrest's house.
This is officially my new favorite game.
You play it on the PS2, plug in microphones,
sing karaoke-type songs, and get a score based
on your pitch and timing. SOOOO fun!
Andrew and Tony rapping "Summertime"

The kids even got into it.
Brandon and Reagan singing "Song 2" by Blur
Woo hoo!

I'm not sure which song I was singing
here, but it looks like a power ballad and
it looks like I was really into it. :)

(On a side note, Andrew actually came up with this same concept after the 1st or 2nd season of American Idol. He thought it would be fun if based on your pitch, Paula, Simon, and Randy gave you feedback and you could go on to the next round if you were really good. Dang--we missed out on our million dollar opportunity!)

*Grandma taking the cousins to the children's
museum. Very crowded, very loud, very fun.
Brandon, Lauren, and Jack doing the news.

Reagan and B on a teeter totter.

Whitney, the artist.

*Visiting Andrew's grandparents in their cute new condo here. They have lived in Oregon for a long time and I think I'm the only adult family member who never made it up there to visit them. I'm sad about that, but glad to have them closer so we can see them more often.
They are so sweet and hospitable.
They were so good with the kids.
I had a great time visiting with them.

*Coming home from the store to find these CUTE snowman that the kids made with Andrew and his parents. They had been dying to make a snowman since we got here, but where my parents live, it never got above freezing. It's pretty hard to make a snowman out of frozen snow. It's a good thing they did this as soon as we got to Andrew's parents house because most of the snow melted the next day.

Andrew, Brandon and Grandpa
working on the boy snowman.

The finished product: a cowboy snowman.
Yee haw!

Grandma and Whitney made this
adorable princess snowgirl.
Aren't these great?

Still more to follow.


sandy said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT Christmas!! Check your email -- I'm emailing you here in a minute...

Laurie said...

Great picture of you and Andrew at the temple.l Happy New Year!

I think you should write a "100 About Me" list - we are all writing them and it's been fun to read them all.

Jayne said...


I haven't seen real snow, playable snow in a long time.

Amy said...

It's fun to see pictures of stuff when we weren't there (children's museum). Jack has a continuous ring of drool around his neck in every picture. (-:

I love the princess snowgirl!

Angela Hallstrom said...

Such cute pics! We had a great time with you guys and it's sad that you're gone. Hopefully you can come back to Utah and meet your new cousin/nephew soon!