Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our weekend

This weekend we had a good balance of work and play. Normally when Andrew's home, I have a tendency to just have fun. I was a good girl on Saturday and we actually got some things done.

On Friday night Andrew's church b-ball game was cancelled. Only our ward didn't find out about it until all seven players were already at the church. Darn. We went out for ice cream instead. :)

On Saturday morning, we painted the kids' playroom. It was the first big step in trying to get our house ready to sell. I love our little house. It has been perfect for us. But when we bought it, we thought we'd only be here 3 years or so. Now it's looking like it's going to be several more years and we don't really have any room to grow here. I've been talking about this for the last six months or so. Started getting a little more serious before Christmas, but thought I'd wait until after the holidays to do anything about it. Well, now it's January and I've still just been sitting around, waiting for some little fairy to come fix all the little flaws in our house so it will sell. I finally realized that's not gonna happen. If I want to move, I'm going to actually have to do some work. We painted it a nice, warm brown. I love it. We're going to get rid of the playroom and move Whitney into there and leave Brandon where he is. He is pumped about having his own room. I don't think Whit really understands. We'll see how the transition goes. They're each napping happily in their own rooms for now. (I'll post pictures after we get all the furniture moved around. We ran out of time on Saturday.)

Anyway...Saturday afternoon, Brandon his basketball game. We don't have a full-sized hoop at our house, but our next door neighbor does and he said we could borrow it whenever. So, before the game Andrew took Brandon over there and they worked on some things. It totally helped because Brandon made two shots! A free throw before the game started(that counted toward the score) and one shot in the game. He's wearing black shorts this time and even dribbles the ball for a second before he shoots. :)

Way to go, Buddy!

On our way home from the game we walked through some model homes that are a bit out of our price range, but it was fun to dream for a minute. :)

For our date on Saturday night, we went to a local improv comedy club called the Idiot Box. One of the co-owners is a friend who comes to my Girl's Nights Out. She's also a performer and is hilarious. We double dated with some friends who know her, too. We had a great time. I love that there is a comedy club here that is clean. I thought Johnny B's in Provo was the only one I could ever go and not be too worried about what I was getting myself into. We went out for cheesecake afterward. It was scrumptious. Very, very fun date. We almost always plan our dates last-minute, so we rarely go on double dates. I liked it! It's fun to talk to other adults in more than five minute blurbs of conversation. It seems that's the way things go when the kids are around, which they always are. We'll have to do it again sometime.

I got released from my responsibility of leading the children's music at church today. I was pretty sad about it. I LOVED that calling. I will get a new responsibility soon(which I am excited about), but it didn't happen yet, so I had a week off to just listen at church. It was wonderful! Good Sunday School lesson on the Nativity story and great Relief Society lesson on Discipleship.


Shelley said...

I love those videos of Brandon! You are going to have to show me how to do that so I can post some fun ones of Shaelyn. Oh, and thanks for the offer to help watch her - I'm definitely going to take you up on that! It was fun having you in Relief Society today. You should tell "someone" that you want to stay in there with me and Erika, especially since we just lost Carrie! :)

g & g hiatt said...

We're really impressed with Brandon's skill on the court. (Nice to have a good coach.)
Good luck on the house hunting.

Amy said...

I love those videos of Brandon, especially his little celebrations after he scores. Priceless.
You continue to amaze me with your creative date ideas. Dave and I couldn't think of anything to do this past weekend (and he had Friday off). Luckily we got some new Nintendo 64 games I ordered from ebay and they entertained us. Really, where do you get your ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweat Family!

Well I just tried to write something...but I don't think it went through. So here we go again! I love having Brandon in my primary class. Primary is so much fun and Brandon makes me smile every time! He is such a smart kid. Let me know if you ever need a babysitter. David and I could definately use the practice, and being around your adorable kids makes me want to have some soon. Hope all is well!

Natalie Dorrance

andrea said...

Amy--I think that as we've lived here over the last few years, we've just gotten to know some of the fun places to go. Also, there's a LOCAL section of the newspaper which we don't subscribe to, but they have a website where we find fun ideas once in a while.

Natalie--It's so nice to hear positive feedback on Brandon! (You can see from past posts how little we get from his teacher at school.) You're a great primary teacher. He especially loved the treasure hunt a couple of weeks ago. And, we just might take you up on your offer to watch the kids. :)

Angela Hallstrom said...

As a member of the Sweat family, I can officially say, "Great arch, B-Train!" Nice looking shots. Poor Jonas has had to miss his last two games, since the Saturday before last was throw-up day, and a couple of a days ago he was still hacking way too much to take him to a public place without getting lynched. I also think you guys have great creative date ideas.

How exciting/exhausing to be thinking about selling the house! I know that you will miss it . . . but you're in the exact same position we were with our first MN house. We loved our neighorhood and had grown attached to the house but once Jonas was born it was just too small. And we, too, had thought we'd only live in MN for a couple of years so when Forrest got a promotion and we decided to stay, moving seemed like the right thing to do. And I was really glad we did it, even though it was a lot of work. Good luck getting everything ready!

Grandma Sweat said...

Great shots Brandon - Grandpa and I loved watching the videos! Andrea, my guess is your next calling will be in Young Women's.

Jayne said...

The other nice thing about the Idiot Box is that they don't tease the audience.

sandy said...

You guys have been so busy! Sounds like fun -- good luck with the house...I TOTALLY understand about the "no room to grow". Grr...