Thursday, January 25, 2007

Whit's first visit to the dentist

Whitney had a big day this week--her first visit to the dentist. She was SO excited about it. She loves doctors. I'm so glad. Hope that lasts.
I took this picture of her in the chair by herself, but then they actually had me hold her on my lap while they worked on her, so I couldn't get any action shots.

She was such a big girl! She was very cooperative, agreeable, and happy to be there. Then they tried to squirt water in her mouth after polishing. That didn't go so well. I think she felt like she was going to drown. She started crying and wouldn't let the dentist finish polishing. She enjoyed picking out prizes at the end, so hopefully that's what will stick in her mind instead of the trauma of the water and suction.

She and I had to make the obligatory Chuck E. Cheese visit after her appointment. It was to fun to have a little "girl's day out" there. Her favorite ride was a little carriage with horses pulling it. She kept saying, "I need to go to the ball!" (Yes, we've been reading the Cinderella book she got for Christmas...a lot!)
This picture turned out much better than the
last one she took with Andrew, huh?

Brandon actually got some positive feedback from his teacher this week. I was so happy to hear it! She said she had to borrow some books from the curriculum facilitator for him to read because his reading level is where it should be at the end of first grade. Way to go, B-train!

I've been working on my first paper for my class. It's a three page assignment titled, "My Intellectual Development in College." I did a rough draft yesterday. Very rough. I asked Andrew to proofread it for me. He pointed out that I use the words "hope," "like," "really," and "things" very frequently. I'm sure if I went back and read over my blog posts, I would find a similar trend. :)


Great Grandpa Hiatt said...

Whitney looks adorable no matter where she is when her picture is taken, but in a dentist's chair has got to be a first.
Brandon --Way to go; Remember: RIF.
(Ask your Mom, and if she doesn't know abut RIF, ask you Dad. And if he doesn't know, email me.)

Grandma Sweat said...

So, I guess she didn't have any cavities? It's a lot of pressure being the little girl of a dental hygenist. Great news about Brandon too. I remember going to the dentist and always thought it was kinda fun, especially since I never had any cavities when I was little - that didn't start until I was a grown-up. With smiles as big as your kids have, you gotta be grateful they have good teeth.

Grandma Sweat

Amy said...

Can Brandon read the names of his bionicles? If he can, he's way past my reading level. I have to concentrate when I read his blog.

andrea said...

That's a good question. I'm like you. I don't know how to read them. When he gets a new one, he interprets the name on the box. I don't know how accurate he is. But then he remembers that name. Since we've long thrown the box away, I try to phoenetically spell out the names that he tells me on his blog.

Angela Hallstrom said...

I swear, Whitney looks about 14 in photos (13 in person). Excellent about B and his reading. Aren't you glad that he wasn't born in September and had to wait one more year for kindergarten? We were lucky with Ethan that way too.