Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--December

Well, this was kind of a slow month. But here are a few of the tidbits we heard.

12/1 We were out with our friends Greg and Nicolle. Nicolle is 8 months pregnant. We were at a restaurant and Nicolle left to use the restroom. When she came back Whitney asked her, "Cole, how was the bathroom? Did you fit in there?" I guess we need to teach her to be a little more discreet. Thankfully, Cole has a good sense of humor.

12/12 Wow--the crazy stories are flying around Brandon's elementary school. He had two whoppers for me. He came home from school today and said, "Mom. Wahlid (one of his friends on the bus) went into his bathroom and closed the door and said 'Bob' fifty times and flushed the toilet. When he opened the lid, there was a dead guy inside holding a sword." When I told him that Wahlid was joking, he said, "No, Mom. I promise. Sami said it really happened!" (Sami is Wahlid's younger brother--the same one involved in the bus-fighting incident.)

12/13 This morning Brandon told me the second crazy story. "Mom, did you know that Michael Jackson's wife wears Huggies? Sami said so. And even when Michael Jackson plays basketball, he wears like 6 Huggies a day." Whoa--I think they even got the names wrong in that one. Brandon TRULY believes both of these stories and is very adamant about it! :)

12/13 Whitney is into making up stories. I think she's pretty good at it for a 2 year old. This was the story she told me this morning over breakfast: "There once upon a time there was a young woman named Mommy. Mommy was a great eater. She was the best eater in the world. Jesus was coming. The end." Her exact words. It's so funny to hear phrases like "young woman" come out of her mouth. She loves to repeat things that we read in her books. Right now she's really into a "Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses" book. One thing the villain says in there is, "Dance your life away!" I've overheard Whitney repeating that phrase on several occasions.

12/13 Tonight at the dinner table Whitney said, "When I get giant teeth in the morning, I sound like a lion." Huh. Interesting.

12/14 When I asked the kids, "What did you dream about?" this morning, like most mornings. They often say, "I don't know." Or sometimes I think they make something up. They both answered quickly this morning and here are their replies:
Whitney: Wrestling with Daddy. (How cute is that?)
Brandon: I had a triple dream of Star Wars, Bionicle, and Shark Tale.

12/26 In the middle of lunch today Whitney randomly added to the conversation: "Monkeys don't eat apples!"

12/30 Whitney is covering her ears while we're riding in the car & saying, "You can't hear! You can't hear!" in kind of a sing-songy voice. Brandon, in a nice big brother teaching voice just said, "Whitney, when you cover you ears, YOU can't hear, but everyone else still can."

12/30 The kids are having a conversation about likes and dislikes. Whitney just said, "I don't like circles. Circles are boring." Brandon said, "I love Rudolph. He has a bleeding nose forever. It glows in the dark."


Sandy said...

ah- you reminded me again that I need to keep track of these things at our house!!

My favorites this time around are the Huggies-wearing-wife and "circles are boring". How funny:)

Amy said...

I love what Brandon's learning from his friends. These posts always get me laughing.