Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Midweek update

Here's what's been going on around our house this week.

We had a fun Monday with Brandon off school. It was supposed to be a really warm day, so we went to the park with some friends and let the kids ride bikes and play on the playground. It wasn't wintery weather, but it was colder than we expected it to be. Still had a lot of fun.

Cute girls

Silly boys

I have been keeping up with my workouts. I do a workout video almost every morning. I do Billy Blanks on M,W,F and usually do Pilates on T,Th. It has been a great routine so far. Most mornings, I start right after Brandon gets on the bus. Whitney usually works out with me. She is so darn cute trying to figure out the moves. On Monday, Brandon joined us for a little while, too.

Here we are all doing push-ups.
Can you just see our muscles bulging? ha ha

Our good friends, Greggy and 'Cole, had their baby this week. We are SO excited for them. (She was a week overdue.) We went to the hospital and got to meet their sweet baby. It was funny because I expected Whitney to be really excited and go ga-ga over her, but it was Brandon who was really smitten.

He was so good at holding her and she had been fussy most of the evening, but completely settled down as soon as he got her. He took more than one turn holding her and when we left, he asked when we could come back. He even asked if me and Andrew would go out of town, so he could stay overnight at Greggy and Cole's house again. It was SO cute! I told him he wouldn't get to stay overnight for quite a while, but he would get a chance to see the new baby again soon.

And, finally, AMERICAN IDOL started again last night. Too fun! Here is my commentary:

*I think I'm becoming too motherly for this show. When the girl who idolized Jewel came out crying and hugged her mom and said, "Sorry!" I almost started crying for her.

*It's starting to get easier to see who they're going to let through to Hollywood. I think they let everyone through that they did a little bio on. (The crack baby, the army reservist, etc.) It was funny with the Navy guy. None of the judges really seemed to like him. They said they thought America would like him. Or pointed out that he was pitchy--but then they all voted to let him through anyway. (We know it's just for ratings!)

*Could you believe that nice boss who flew that girl out to MN to try out? Did you think she really had a crush on him? I thought it was all innocent until she started singing TO HIM and it made me wonder, too. Oh, well. That drama's over, I guess, since she didn't make it through.

Looking forward to more fun tonight!


Amy said...

I've had a ton of thoughts going through my head as I've read this post, so I apologize if my response is long.
1. I'm very impressed with your workout routine. My ward workout has been put on hold "temporarily" and I am beginning to doubt if it'll start up again. I think I'm going to start doing videos in the mornings too. I've done a few here and there, but not consistent. Do you like Billy Blanks? I've tried him once and and liked it, but don't have one his videos. I'm surprised you like pilates. It's too slow for me. Is your pilates tape difficult?
2. Brandon is SO cute with babies. I loved watching him with Jack. I think babies bring out his sweet side.
3. I actually watched American Idol last night, to Dave's dismay (he watched some too and I think he enjoyed it). I agree with all your comments. Did you like that Spanish girl? I didn't think she had a good voice, I think they liked her for other reasons. The boss that flew that girl out I think was completely innocent, but I don't think she was. She seemed way too sincere when she sang to him. I wonder what his wife's going to think when she's sees it.

Well, this comment could be its own blog. We'll see what tonight's Idol brings.

Angela Hallstrom said...

Hey there! Yes, still here, still prengnant. I want to know who took that picture of you guys working out. Or did Drew have the day off that day? I also think that I must be getting too tenderhearted for Idol. Ethan, Elise and Jonas were all watching it will me, and they were truly disturbed at how mean the judges were being. They kept saying, "Hey, that's not very nice! That's not very fair! I don't like it when they make people cry." Made me feel like I should change the channel and not let my kids watch "wholesome" American Idol!!

sandy said...

I love the picture of the kids holding the baby - Brandon looks like he's going to smile his mouth right off of his face:) We just got done watching American Idol in Seattle...gotta say, we laughed our heads off on more than one occasion....but I agree, Simon took it too far. Not fair to make fun of things people can't help (like their face). Good for you for working out every day ... another thing you're setting a good example for me in!!

andrea said...

Amy--I love Billy Blanks. He kicks my butt. Right now I'm using one called Billy's Boot Camp--Basic Training. It is an hour long, but I only do 30 minutes of it at a time. It's not really the best cardio workout, but I am SO sore the day after I do it. It's getting better now that I've done it for 3 months! I bought it off eBay for $6 with shipping and it was still new in the shrinkwrap.

And, no, my Pilates DVD is not very difficult. I do it more for relaxation and stretching. I need that day of rest in between Boot Camp days.

Oh, and I did like the Colombian girl. I mean I could really identify with her--she looks white, is a great singer, and her middle name was Andrea! :) I hope she does well.

Angie--my kids have not learned to enjoy the art of sleeping in yet, so we were actually up and working out before Andrew even left for work in the morning. So, yes, he took the picture, but was not being a slacker. :)

Grandma Sweat said...

I just sent you my loooong comment and the word verification didn't work (why?????) and then I thought it had and I lost it. But the crux of it was thanks for the pictures - Billy Blanks workouts are the BEST and it's so cute that Whitney and Brandon do them with you- I tried them once about 15 years ago - it involved punching, and my kids laughed at me - it was pretty funny, I must admit. Also loved the picture of Brandon holding the Greg and Nicole's new baby (and her little toes peaking out of the hospital blanket - and next week we get to see little Hallstrom toes - hope there are 10 of them!). I actually watched American Idol last night, and when Simon was telling that guy that he looked like a monkey, I had to put my mind in a trance because I really can't believe I'm hearing it and that we're watching it, and that I'm desensitizing myself to think it's all good fun - it's odd - but we did have fun watching it and I'm so glad the brother and sister from India made it through - I liked them - and the 16-year-old black girl - and that boy from Midvale, Utah - was he for real? Maybe I'll run into him some day at Fashion Place Mall. He's gonna be famous around town, that's for sure.

Love you,
Grandma Sweat

Amy said...

Mom, I think the word verification doesn't work if you take too long to leave your comment. I think it expires after a certain amount of time. Whenever I leave a long comment I usually have to try the word verification twice. But don't fear because your comment should still be there.

I couldn't believe Simon last night! The monkey comment was going too far. And he made fun of the monkey boy's friend by saying "Looks like you borrowed Randy's trousers."

Mom said...

Thanks for the advise on the "word thing" Amx! While we're on the topic of American Idol, I was in a meeting with my boss this morning and he mentioned he'd watched part of this t.v. show last night where people sing in front of 3 judges - and started explaining it to us.........isn't that funny? The other guy in the room and I just nodded and acted like it was no big deal that my boss had just discovered American Idol for the first time and apparently had no idea anyone else had ever heard of it before last night!