Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Report card, Girl's Night Out, AI

Brandon brought home an awesome report card yesterday. He has improved A LOT since last grading period. I am so proud of him! One of the areas he still needs to work on: "Works carefully and neatly." His teacher said that he "still rushes to finish work, equating being the first with being the best!" It's kind of hard for me to criticize this one, because I was the exact same way, especially when I was in elementary school. I wanted to be the first done with all the assignments. It was a race! We've tried to tell him he needs to slow down. Don't know if it will do any good. I was very pleased regardless.

We had our monthly Girl's Night Out last night. Such a blast. Blogger won't let me upload any photos right now. Grrrr. Anyway, I realized a couple more reasons why I love going out with these friends. 1. I just get to be me. I'm not a mom, worrying what trouble the kids are into. I'm not the Bishop's wife. I'm just a woman having fun with my friends. It's very refreshing. 2. These friends are not into gossipping. I LOVE that. I hung out with a friend of a friend the other day who was really judgmental of others. She actually started talking bad about one of my friends that she didn't know I was friends with. (Whoa--confusing sentence. Sorry.) It made me really uncomfortable. I'm glad to have such positive friends in my life. They lift me up. I always come home with a big smile on my face.

My friends rock!

We got the kids separated into their own rooms. I was a tad sentimental about it. They were always so cute to each other when they were going to sleep. They would read to each other, sing, make each other laugh. I thought they would miss one another. They've handled much better than me. They still read, sing, and talk to themselves. :) In the shift of rooms, an alarm clock ended up in Brandon's room. He said, "Mom, set that alarm clock so I can get myself up." We've tried it the last two days and it works. He gets himself up and dressed and I get five more minutes of sleeping in. (Actually, I only got those extra minutes yesterday, because Whitney woke up well before 6:30 this morning!)

Our tenth anniversary is coming up this summer. So cool! To celebrate, we are going on a cruise with Andrew's brother, Tony, and his wife, Cindy. They got married two weeks before us, so will be celebrating their 10th as well. We've been planning on doing this for about the past five years. It's so crazy that it's finally getting here. I called and made the reservations today! I'm so excited! We'll be cruising to the Western Caribbean--Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and Mexico.

Good food, warm sun, and beautiful beaches await!

Is anyone else ready for American Idol auditions to be over? I can only handle SO many of these terrible singers who are crushed when they find out they can't go to Hollywood. I love this show, but think two hours a night, two nights a week is TOO MUCH. Andrew thinks it's great. He loves the beginning of the season with all the tone deaf singers. Maybe it's a guy thing. Personally, I'm ready to get on with it and see who makes it through to the finals.

How's that for a disjointed jumble of thoughts?


Not a fan of A.I. said...

If you're lucky, you won't be able to get "American Idol" in the Bahamas...not even re-runs.
Now THAT'S what I'd call a real

sandy said...

Gotta agree on the American now you'd think that these people would have figured out that the first round of (non-famous)judges only lets through the really good or the truly awful. It would be more interesting if there were actually decent singers to choose from, rather than only obvious choices. My two cents, anyway...although, we still laugh about the poor computer guy from UT (the one who looked like he was either really constipated or possessed). Heeheee:)

Laurie said...

Oh I think I'm ready for the Hollywood part to start too! That yellow "bird" lady really takes the cake.

Isn't it great to find a group of friends that isn't gossipy, but just uplifting. I love that too. My last presidency I was in with my callings seemed very negative, and this one is so positive - and the difference in how I enjoy it is amazing.

Jayne said...

Well, I'm feeling uplifted about all the nice things you said about your Girl's Night Out Friends! I hope some of the others read your blog to receive the compliment :)

The other good dynamic that's going on there is that even though we do talk about our kids, they (the children) don't monopolize the conversation, either.