Thursday, February 01, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--January

*Jan 6th--While riding bikes outside: Brandon, "I'm faster than a snake. I'm like twenty percent faster!" A few minutes later: Whitney, "I'm faster than a worm!" I think both statements were accurate.

*Jan 7th--Sunday morning, while getting ready for church: Me, "Whit, are you excited to go to nursery this morning? To see Sister Moorefield and your friends?" Whit, "Yea! They're gonna be so happy to see me!"

Love those heels, girl!

*Jan 8th--While reading the scriptures together tonight, we read the word "bondage." Andrew asked Brandon, "Do you know what bondage is?" Brandon thought for a minute and replied, "Is it like being married?" ha ha

*Jan 9th--The kids got a Sing-along-songs video for Christmas. Whitney was watching it today and it talked about someone being a "party animal." We're in the midst of trying to potty train (again) and when I asked her if she needed to go potty she said, "I'm a potty animal!"

*Another great quote Whitney has been using lately (from one of her books, Fancy Nancy), "My family is NOT posh!" Well, the book actually says that Nancy's family IS posh, but I guess we don't qualify.

*Jan 12th--Whitney has started to reach the point where she doesn't like to go down for her naps. She almost always still sleeps for two hours, so I know she needs them, but she just resists a little bit when it's time to actually lay in her bed. Today she said, "I hate sleep. Sleep is simply boh-ing.[boring] I don't want to sleep in a tree."

*Jan 13th--at the Bobcats game. Both of our kids love the cheer...often too loudly for the other fans around us. You know that cheer that goes duh-duh-duh-DUH-duh-duh...CHARGE!? Instead of "charge," Whitney was yelling "GEORGE!" at the end. Too cute.

*Jan 14th--in sacrament meeting at church. One of the speakers just used the phrase, "I felt like a million bucks." Brandon leaned over to me and said, "I guess he felt like the Imperial Star Destroyer. It costs a million bucks." Oh, boy. A little too much Star Wars Legos on the PS2, I think.

*Jan 15th--Monday night Family Home Evening. We had a lesson on temples, given by Brandon, and then had ice cream for our treat afterward. Brandon had a mixture of 3 different kinds. (Yes, we often have 3 or more different kinds in our freezer.) He said, "This is so good, we should start making packs of it and putting it in hygiene kits because those people don't have any food." (We made some hygiene kits several months ago as part of a service project for church. He has been talking about them a lot lately.) Andrew asked, "How would we keep the ice cream cold?" B: "With ice packs or something."

A few minutes later, while still eating our treats B said, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if there was a temple transformer? Like 2 guys that could transform into a temple?" Hmmmm....might be a little irreverent. What do you think?

*Jan 18th--Whitney has named our car "Sally," after the Porsche in the movie CARS. Brandon tried to tell her that we don't drive a Porsche, but she doesn't understand. Whenever we go out in a parking lot, she calls for the car, "Where are you Sally?" And this week she is really affectionate toward Sally, giving her "hugs" and kisses when we go outside. This can't be normal.

Also a future NASCAR lover???

After storytime at the library today, we were checking out some books. We have one young male librarian, who looks like you might picture a young male librarian looking. (read: he's a little nerdy) Whitney said, "He looks like Napoleon." I was so surprised and couldn't help laughing. I didn't know she knew who Napoleon was. But it was a pretty accurate statement. And, no, I don't think he heard her.

Our local librarian?

*Jan 19th--In the house attempting to potty train. OK, this was not my proudest parenting moment, but I'll share anyway. I put Whit on the toilet this morning. She went pee. Yippee. Then she was in the bathroom washing her hands before I had put panties or a diaper back on her. I was in the kitchen and she came out and said, "Oh, I have to go potty." We went back into the bathroom and she proceeded to pee all over the bathroom floor. She had just gone in the toilet less than 5 minutes before! I was not happy. I said in a stern voice (which I rarely have to use with her), "Whitney, you know you are supposed to go in the toilet! We don't pee on the floor!" She got SO upset. She totally started crying and said, "I thought we were a family forever!" Oh my gosh. Talk about heart-wrenching. I even asked her to repeat herself because I've never heard her say that before. Yep, that's what she said. Raising my voice at her made her think we weren't going to be a forever family anymore. That's not true, is it??? (If so, we're in big trouble.)

*Jan 25th--Brandon's basketball practice. We were sitting on the sidelines watching Brandon practice. I had brought some books and snacks to help entertain Whitney. I guess it wasn't enough. She started pretending her water bottle was "Baby Clara." She was rocking the water bottle and singing a lullaby to "her." It was so cute. What an imagination! Then the next morning she got a water bottle out of the fridge and started doing the same thing. She even put Baby Clara to bed for a nap. I promise, she does have dolls to play with. :)

*Jan 27th--The house in a state of disarray as we rearrange the kids' bedrooms. Even though this old computer has been in the playroom forever, I guess the new spot made it a novel item for Whitney. I overheard her say, "I need to check my e-mail." Then she sat at the computer and began "typing." Funny the phrases she picks up from us.


Amy said...

Hilarious! I always love these posts. My favorite has to be the marriage and bondage quote. I can't wait until Jack can talk.

sandy said...

These are the best ones yet -- I've been reading out loud to Jake and we're both laughing. Once again, I NEED to start keep track of these things at our house!!

Between the marriage/bondage quote and not being a forever family during potty training...what IS going on over there, girl?? hahahaha:)

Angela Hallstrom said...

I love these posts, and I'm so proud of you for writing this stuff down before you forget it. I know that I've forgotten tons of gems, which is so sad! Here's two from Jonas recently:

Jonas had left to go to a friend's and I was feeding Wyatt. When he came home 2 1/2 hours later, I was still feeding him. He looked at me quizically and said, "Geez, Mom, are you still milking that baby?"

I was standing in the kitchen doing the dishes and Jonas was studying me rather closely. Finally he asked, "Mom, so how many more days do you think it will be till you look like you did before you got all pregnant?"

:-) Ang

Grandma Sweat said...

You made me laugh out loud - hilarious post - the kids are so funny - I mean, it started off with being 20% faster than a snake and just kept building all the way down to Whitney' water battle baby Clara.
Sending my love to you all,
Mom Sweat

grandpa hiatt said...

You have three kinds of ice cream
in your freezer? May I come and stay at your house?