Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hygienist for a day, book review, preschool

February is National Dental Health Month. I got to be a hygienist for the day today and volunteered at Brandon's old preschool to talk to the kids about oral health. I loved it! I did it last year, too, and am friends with the director, so she asked me to come back. I taught three classes that lasted about 15 minutes each. The kids ranged in age from 3-5. Some of them were talkers--wanted to tell me all about their older sister who had a cavity or their spiderman toothbrush at home. Very cute. There were a couple that were so shy they wouldn't even tell me their names.
I get all decked out in my scrubs. This is the only time I wear them anymore. They're so comfy. Practicing hygienists are lucky that they get to wear them every day. I think I will also get to volunteer in Brandon's kindergarten class later this month.

So, while I was at Brandon's old preschool, Andrew was at a different preschool trying to get Whitney in there. I loved Brandon's preschool, but wanted to get Whitney into a two day program for next year and they only have a 3 day. This school I wanted to get into usually fills up every year, so they hold a lottery. I called yesterday and they told me that there were only 2 spots left in the 2 day program. I thought our chances were slim, but sent Andrew down there anyway. Out of all of the lottery participants, our name was the FIRST one drawn. Woo hoo. That's exciting to think of Whitney going to preschool in the fall. I think she'll do great. Fun for her. And maybe with my extra time I could finish my degree in 4 1/2 years instead of 5!

Just finished reading a book--The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I've never seen the play. I did watch the movie once, but I think I was sleepy because I only vaguely remember it. Now that I've finished I want to rent it again. For me, it was a little confusing at the beginning. I couldn't keep the characters straight in my mind, so I wasn't quite sure what was going on. By the end, I really enjoyed it. It was pretty tense for a while!

Here I thought today was the last audition day for American Idol and I was SO ready to move on to Hollywood. No--they tricked us! They saved some of the best and worst for tonight. Andrew's thrilled. I'm bummed. I loved the guy who sang Amazing Grace last night. He sang terribly, of course the judges said no. He took it very well and then as he was leaving told them, "I'm going to talk some trash when I walk out, but that's just for the cameras." Cracked me up!
Also, it's the MUCH anticipated return of Lost tonight. I can't wait!!!

I finished all my coursework for my class. Yippee. I had to mail in a portfolio of my written assignments yesterday. I have to wait until they receive that at BYU and then I can request my final. I found a proctor here who won't charge me a fee, so that's awesome. Previously, I thought I was going to have to pay $10/hr to take them at a college testing center. I would end up being just like Brandon--taking my tests as fast as I could, so I wouldn't have to pay more. :)


Angela said...

Andi, you look so cute in your scrubs! How fun to be able to to a mini-class on something you're so good at. And cool news about Whitey! (Oops--Whitney. I realize that when I type her name fast, I invariably write "Whitey." :-) I remember so well when Jonas went to preschool and I had a few hours to myself for the first time in what seemed like forever. It was an amazing/strange feeling . . . and one that I won't be feeling again for 3 1/2 years!!! Arghhh! :-)

Mom Sweat said...

Andrea - Which came first - your beautiful smile and sparkling teeth, or being a dental hygenist? What fun for you to be able to be a hygenist for a day - and I'm really excited for Whitney!
Mom Sweat

sandy said...

Who says you can't wear scrubs all day?! If I had them, I would probably wear them:) Then when I put on my jeans and T-shirt, like I do now everyday, my husband would think I was getting "dressed up", haha:) Awesome news about Whitney's preschool! Cool beans!

old movie fan in Sandy said...

Which film version of "Phantom" did you watch?
Lon Chaney (1925)?
Claude Rains (1943)?
Herbert Lom (1962-British)?
Robert Englund (1989)?
Julian Sands (1999 - Italian)?
Gerard Butler (2004 - British; film version of Webber's musical)?

andrea said...

It was the most recent one--Gerard Butler. Do you suggest one of the others? That one used Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, which I enjoyed. I'd love to hear your input.

grandpa hiatt said...

The Lon Chaney silent version is a CLASSIC because of his makeup.
The Claude Rains version is good, with some opera numbers well sung by Susanna Foster and the one and only Nelson Eddy (lousy actor, great singer)

Amy said...

How ironic that you were a hygienist because I was at the dentist yesterday! Whenever the hygienist comes to clean my teeth I always think of you.

How come you want to put Whitney in a 2 day preschool? Is there a benefit to doing that?

andrea said...

It's just my personal preference. I think preschool is important for my kids to get used to a routine and to listening to a teacher and for social interaction, but I don't think they need to be in there 5 days a week to prepare for kindergarten. I figure if she goes 2 days a week this fall, then she can move up to a 3 day program the following year and then be ready for kindergarten. Crazy to imagine her in school!