Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

In honor of this holiday of LOVE, I thought I'd do a post with some of the things that I love. And, no, they're not all mushy and romantic. I'll save those ones for Andrew's eyes only. :)

1. Beautiful sunsets.

2. Meteor showers.

3. Scented candles--especially ones that smell like cinnamon or baked goods.

4. Cheesecake.

5. The beach.

6. When Andrew walks up behind me and starts massaging my shoulders.
He's good at that!

7. Snuggling with my kids when they first wake up in the morning.

8. Unexpected cards or letters(or checks!) in the mail.

9. Road trips.

10. Putting the kids to bed and then watching a show with Andrew
that we both enjoy--Lost, Survivor, Amazing Race.

11. Saturday night dates.

12. Wearing cute sandals when my toenails are painted.

13. New jewelry. Or old jewelry that's really fun.

14. Putting away clean laundry.

15. Scrapbooking.

16. When I've had a rough day with the kids and Andrew
comes home and says, "Do you need a little 'Andi time'? Why
don't you go shopping and I'll put the kids to bed."
How can I say no to that? What a great husband.

17. Long conversations on the phone that make me belly laugh.

18. My big, fluffy pillow. (No, I don't have an oversized noggin.)

19. Watching Andrew play basketball. Especially when he hits
a big shot or has a sweet block.

20. Whitney's hair.

21. Brandon's giggle. It's contagious.

22. Playing the piano.

23. When the pear and dogwood trees are in bloom. Gorgeous.

24. Picnics.

25. Cleaning someone's teeth when they're really dirty.
It's so satisfying to make a difference.

26. Selling things on eBay.

27. Buying things on eBay.

28. Hot showers.

29. Bargain shopping

30. Running into a friend when I didn't expect to.

31. Looking at photos of when the kids were smaller.
Especially when the kids are looking with me.
Very cute to see their expressions.

32. Growing a little veggie garden in the backyard every year.

33. Singing along with a great song on the radio.

34. How excited my kids get when Andrew comes home from work.

35. Playing board games with friends or extended family.

(I was going to try to come up with 43 things and make that MY lucky number, but I have run out of good ideas and am tired of trying to think of more.)


Amy said...

Great Valentine's Day list. I love a lot of the same things you do - minus the teeth cleaning and replace Andrew's name with Dave's (-:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Angela said...

Love your list. I, too, love scented candles and Whitney's hair! I have a scented candle I liked that my Mom hid once when she came over because it gave her a headache. She said it smelled like cat pee (obviously *I* don't think it smells like cat pee. Mom, if you're reading this . . . I found it! But I'll make sure I don't have it lit whenever you come over).

sandy said...

Great list! I hope you ask first before you clean people's teeth...haha:)

Mom said...

Loved the list, the pictures, the bouncy shiny chestnut Whitney hair, love you! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I could tell you stories about Angie's beautiful pecan-colored cat-pee scented candle, but I won't because everyone would think I'm NUTS!!!!

Mom Sweat

blog reader in Sandy said...

36. Blogging
37. Reading others' blogs
38. Aspiring to be an American Idol
39. Wearing dental uniforms
40. Girls' Nights Out
41. Seeing Andrew sitting on the stand at sacrament meetings
42. Accompanying the Primary children
43. People who add to your list.

andrea said...

Thanks, Grandpa!