Saturday, February 03, 2007

Taxes and remodeling

I LOVE doing my taxes. Is anyone else like me? I use TurboTax online and, honestly, every year I do them as soon as I get the paperwork. Usually I can have them done by the end of Jan. This year SallieMae was very slow with the student loan info and I had to wait until Feb 1st. I was slightly bitter, but am over it now. We're going to be good this year and just save our refund, hopefully to be used as part of a down payment on a house...

The preparations on this house are coming along. Here are some pics of the kids room. Here is a "before" picture of their bedroom.

This isn't the best photo.
It was very crowded with about 3 feet
of space between their beds and that was it.
Basically used for sleeping and dressing--
nothing else.

I forgot to take a before picture of the playroom. It was usually a big mess with toys scattered all over. The kids would clean it every night and then by 10 am the next morning it would be a disaster again.

Here are the after photos:
Here is Whitney's room. I love it. The red lamp and gingham
lampshade are my favorites. I think the computer has to go.
I want to trash it. Andrew wants to keep it. We'll see what happens.
She has plenty of room to play in here with her dress-ups and kitchen.
She's very happy with it. I feel bad that it's the coldest room in the house.

Here are a couple shots of Brandon's room.
He has a little bit of room to play, too.
The coolest part is the little desk that fits under his bed.
In this first photo, it is out.
But, when he's not using it, he can slide it under.
It's on a little track underneath the bed. Very cool.
He uses it to do his homework every afternoon and
then puts it away when he's done.

We bought Brandon's bed a couple of months before Whitney
was born. This desk was part of the package, but we didn't have
room for it before. Andrew and Brandon built it last weekend.
B was a good helper. It was cute to see the two of them working together.


sandy said...

Cool rooms! I love that sliding desk - what a great idea! And the fact that Brandon helped build it probably makes it more appealing for homework, huh?

sandy said...

P.S. - Where did you get that bed from?? Jake's gonna have to build a new bed for Josh soon and I'd love to have some ideas like this -- multi-function furniture, gotta love it;)

Laurie said...

The rooms are really looking good. I like your color combos.

I have to say your "mouths of babes" entry was super cute. You're all going to love having those someday.

Amy said...

Does Brandon like having his own room and his own desk? That's cute that he pulls it out to do his homework and then slides it back.

The rooms are looking good. Are you guys looking at houses yet?

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Wow! Who is the guy wearing the BYU hat with the massive bicpes and no farmer tan whatsoever?


The guy wearing the BYU hat with the massive biceps and no farmer tan whatsoever.