Friday, February 09, 2007

Circus, singstar, more potty progress

**edit**Sorry about the confusion with the videos. Thanks for the tip, Shelley. I've made them public now, so hopefully you can view them. Let me know if they still don't work. **end edit**

Yesterday, Brandon and I had a really fun day. His class took a field trip to the circus. I had a friend watch Whitney and tagged along. It was really fun. I love that he's still young enough to get excited when I'm around his friends, not embarassed. He even likes to give me hugs in front of them. How long does this last?
Here we are before the show.

There must have been thousands of elementary school students there. I don't know how they worked this out, but they brought along snacks for the kids and each kid has packed a lunch from home that they got to eat during intermission. I wish they allowed that every time we went to an event at the coliseum. It would be so much more affordable!

The show was good. This was Brandon's third circus. The first one was really good, the second was so-so, and this one was in between. One thing that really bugged me: the circus was brought to us by a sponsor. So, they spent the first 5 minutes talking about the sponsor and how to make their product part of a family tradition. (No, I won't do them the favor of mentioning who the sponsor was.) Then they had the whole coliseum chanting the sponsor's name like we were cheering for a basketball game. I thought it was ridiculous.

Our favorite part:
The CUTE little trained dogs, like this one jumping rope in a bright green tutu.
They also had one that could ride a scooter, several that could do flips, one that could walk on her front paws. They were adorable! I also liked the Chinese acrobats and Brandon liked the BMX rider.

While Andrew was gone to Bishopric this week, the kids and I played a little singstar. Here are three little movie clips of the kids singing. I think they are hilarious! The first two are just short little blurbs, about 30 seconds each of the kids singing "Winds of Change". The last one is more like 2 minutes, just long enough for them to sing the whole "Song 2" by Blur. They start hamming it up for the camera in that one.

Yes, singstar has brought hours of entertainment to our house. :)

Whitney has been doing AWESOME with potty training. She has been wearing big girl panties ALL WEEK long (except when she takes naps and goes to bed at night) and has only had ONE accident that whole time. She has an amazing bladder and can hold it for 3 or 4 hours at a time. Never had that experience with Brandon.

Did everyone watch LOST???? Oh my gosh. That is the best show on TV right now. LOVE IT! It's so fun to finally be getting some answers and trying to put things together. I was pretty creeped out by the thought that all of these experiments on the islands have to do with pregnancy. Is that what you got out of that scientist's presentation to Juliet? Was anyone else sure that her ex-husband was going to come back to life in the morgue? I was so tense during that whole scene.


Amy said...

I'm not sure if youtube is having some difficulties right now because I can't watch the videos. They look so cute, I'll have to try again later.
I don't remember getting to go to the circus when I was in school. How fun! I do remember going to the water treatment facility (a.k.a stinky sewer disgusting place) and seeing how they purify our water. The circus sounds a lot better.

Sandy said...

I can't watch the videos, either - looked cute, though!

Your field trip sounds like a lot of fun - even if the circus was a little commercialized (how sad is THAT). Thanks for sharing all the fun photos!

Shelley said...

You made your videos private, Andrea, so that's why we can't see them. But OH MY GOSH about what you said about lost. I was waiting for her ex-husband to sit up on the table there in the morgue. But that's only something that would happen in Alias. I think JJ Abrams loves bringing people back from the dead. So where do you think all those kids are that the Others have kidnapped? And if they can get people pregnant, why kidnap kids? What is going on?!?!?!

Sad to admit: I little excited about Hollywood next week on AI...

sandy said...

Okay - we got the videos to work - me and Kimball just watched them.She is laughing her head off - apparently Brandon is the funniest kid in the WORLD:) Very cute videos -- I'm impressed that your kids know most of the words to those songs! Mine do not get the words right 80% of the time - apparently "Even Superman loves in a fight" instead of kryptonite (Ryan Shupe song).