Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quick AI thoughts

Yea! The guys on AI finally remembered how to sing. What did my fellow AI fans think? I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE Sanjaya and AJ go home. They were both out of their league tonight. Sanjaya's a nice guy, but come on. He's not AI material. AJ does nothing for me. I think Blake, the beat box guy, is my favorite. And I like Chris, the funny, heavy guy with curly hair. Was everyone as shocked as me about how cute his wife is?


Anonymous said...


Great minds think alike! I think those two should go home too. Here are my top 6 male idols: Chris (heavy one), Chris (Justin Timberlakish singer), Blake (beat boxer), Phil (missed his child's birth), Brandon (time after time guy), and Jared (the tall black guy).

Let's see if my picks make the final cuts!


Laurie said...

I agree with everything you said about AI. Lost tonight!

Hooray for glorious weather!!

Amy said...

I was also very shocked at how good looking Chris's (grammar?) wife was. How come you never see unattractive girls with hot guys?
My favorites are Blake and Chris. Blake's voice/style sounds like something I'd actually listen to on the radio and not just AI. I like Sanjay, but he just didn't do very good. I did like his outfit and song (even though the judges didn't), but I don't think his voice is good enough. I want him and either AJ or Nick Pedro to go home.

Shelley said...

When Sanjaya was singing, Michael said Simon was going to say it sounded like a high school musical. Then Randy said it instead. Either way, he's got to go. Although I'll admit he looked much better with his hair pulled back and that hat on. I disagree about AJ though. I thought he did a good job last night. I actually thought based on performance that Brandon will be gone (time after time). We'll see. Can't wait for the girls and LOST!!!! It had better not be a let down this time.

Angela said...

Weird! The exact comment I made to Forrest during Sanjaya's song was "High School Musical. And not the Disney movie." Then Simon said it. Then Shelley's husband, whom I do not know one little whit (isn't the blogging universe interesting??) said it too! Wow! Weird.

Paul said...

Your not talking about aliens.......right? hehe