Saturday, February 17, 2007

Things that bug me

In an effort to keep balance in the universe (and on my blog), I am publishing this list of things that bug me to accompany my list of things that I love. Feel free to add some of your pet peeves and annoyances.

1. When you get to the bottom of the cereal box and end up with a bunch of sugar crystals in your bowl. I realize I could avoid this by purchasing non-sugary cereals, but I'm not willing to make that sacrifice.

2. Wet socks.

3. Having to wait in line for extended periods of time.

4. Customer service workers who are rude. How did they get their jobs? And, more importantly, how do they keep them?

5. Zits. Aren't we supposed to grow out of this stage? When I was a teenager, I didn't think adults got zits. As an adult, I've found that's not true.

6. Bad drivers. Sometimes I have to include myself in this category.

7. When my checkbook doesn't balance.

8. Cleaning up toothpaste that my kids manage to get all over the bathroom.

9. Dirty dishes.

10. Movies that could be really good, but then they throw in a skanky part or excessive cussing and ruin the whole thing for me.

11. Being cold. Winter is rough on me.

12. Bad hair days.

13. Litter bugs. It's extra annoying when people throw cigarette butts out of their windows as they're driving. That happens a lot around here.

14. Being late. I'm more bugged by myself when I'M running late than by others when they are.

15. Gilbert Godfried.

16. The TV shows Big Brother, Desperate Housewives, the OC, and The Bachelor.

17. When my internet connection is having problems.

18. When I forget to take the trash or recycling out to the curb and we miss our pick up.

19. When I leave a load of laundry in the dryer for a long time and the clothes get wrinkles that are impossible to get out.

20. Attending a sporting event when you end up next to fans who are mean, throw things, are excessively loud, or curse. Once someone poured beer in the hood of my jacket--while I was wearing it. Gross! Another time we ended up next to a woman who was completely hounding all of the Lakers. She would scream at the top of her lungs, "KOOO-BEEEE! DEEEEER-EEEK! SHAAAA---AAAAQ!" It was the only Lakers game I've ever been to and she almost ruined the experience.

21. When my car breaks down and the mechanic tells me it's going to cost a fortune to fix it. I feel so clueless and naive. Sometimes I get a second opinion. Other times I just have to take their word for it.

22. When I buy produce and it doesn't taste good.

23. Thin corneas that make it so I can't get LASIK.

24. When I have the perfect shot set up for a photo and then my camera's batteries die. This happens ALL THE TIME. Very annoying.

25. Waking up with a kink in my neck.

26. Hangnails.

27. Burning my tongue on food/drink that is too hot and then not being able to taste anything for the next several days.


sandy said...

Great list - pretty much all of them I'm sitting here saying, "AH! Me, too! I hate that!!" My checkbook is ALWAYS about 37 cents off - every month!!

I'll add: 1.)forgetting about a load of laundry from Saturday night in the washing machine and finding it Monday morning. I have probably been through an entire econo-box of laundry detergent in the last year re-washing stinky forgotten clothes!
2.)Mice. I HATE MICE. We live in front of a field, so we occasionally get them. I have 3 cupboards in my kitchen that we have permanently sealed off and don't open because mice keep getting in them from under the house.
3.)Paper cuts
4.)Cleaning out the refrigerator. Its never pleasant. Ever.
5.)The process of potty training. Especially with carpet in the house...
6.) Losing things. I go nuts when I can't find something. One time we lost our van keys for an entire week and couldn't go anywhere. You know where they were? On the floor between the seats. I think someone was playing a nasty joke on us...

Anyway. I'm sure I can find many more, but maybe I should save it for my own blog:)

Thanks for always giving me good ideas to copy!!

Anonymous said...

So what did you do to deserve beer in the hood of your sweatshirt? That is harsh! But I have to agree I hate mean fans too. Once I sat through a Championship game with a man in front of me talking trash about my dad the whole game. My mom left in tears and I kicked him. (I was like 12 or 13). And then we lost and it was probably the worst soccer game ever!

I also hate when my checkbook doesn't balance and then David comes and figures out why within about 10 seconds and makes me feel stupid.

But my number one is when I bite my nails (because it is a bad habit and I can't stop) to the point that they are too short and hurt! WHY DO I DO THAT?!

Number 2 might be when I finish a run and think it was great and look down at my watch only to realize it was way slower than normal.


Amy said...

Great list, Andi. Here's a few things that bug me:

1. Slow drivers. There's no reason to go 10 mph under the speed limit on a straight road on a sunny day.

2. When people run their diesel powered truck for a half hour before they drive anywhere. Our neighbors have woken up Jack innumerable times because their gigantic F350 doesn't fit in their garage and they feel the need to idle it at 5:00 am for a half hour.

3. Our mailman folding our mail. Our post office contracts out the job of mailman so we have some normal Joe that drives his usual car to deliver the mail. He parks his car and then walks to each mail box and folds any magazines or large mail and wraps it with a rubber band because it's easier to carry. It's very annoying to read magazines with crease down the middle.

4. Little yappy dogs.

5. Students who don't even bring a pencil to class (or to get tutored).

6. The need for doctors to weigh you and take your blood pressure when you're coming in for something like mole removal. Does my weight really affect my moles?

7. Taxes and HOA fees

8. Vacuuming the stairs (I always make Dave do it)

9. When my item doesn't sell on Ebay.

10. Drinks that cost over $1.50 at a restaurant. I love having a Pepsi or Raspberry Lemonade when I go out to eat, but I feel guilty if I spend more than $1.50 for it, so I usually just get water.

What you said about zits is so funny! Dave and I were just having a conversation about how we thought our zits would go away after high school. I actually think mine got worse. What's with that?

Angela said...

You can't get Lasik? I'm so sorry! And as far as the laundry in the dryer goes, I always leave it in there, but if you turn it on for 10-15 minutes, it's just about as good as new. It's almost as good as ironing.

Here are some things I hate (and I loved Amy's list):

1. When you have a cold and one side of your head is stuffed up, so you can only breathe out of one nostril.

2. Books that start out promisingly, but then meander around to an unsatisfying end. So annoying when you've invested all that time!

3. Realizing there's no toilet paper on the roll after it's (ahem) too late.

4. Cleaning. In general. I mean, it never ends. The messes! You clean them up and you have to start over again the very next day. It's ridiculous.

5. TV shows or commercials where really hot women are married to extremely schlubby looking men. How often in real life does one see this? I'd like to see them try the opposite: have a commercial where Roseanne Bar is supposedly married to George Clooney.

Jayne said...

1. Ants in my kitchen. Apparently every house that I've ever owned has been built on top of an anthill.

2. Signing up for an online class and having to go over to the college to pay for it. Um, I took an online class because going over to the college isn't convenient.

3. When I can't find my cell phone.

4. The fact that #3 happens often.

Mom Sweat said...

I had so much fun reading everyone's comments! So, since I have a minute (it's the end of President's Day so some us lucy government employees get the day off, I'm going to type 10 things that come to mind as I type - not my top ten, just (to use one of Andi's words "Random!" :)

1) Having "tired Head". Some days I wake up and I know it's gonna be a "tired head" day all day - I'm awake from the neck down, but asleep from the neck up and the only way to make it go away will be to go to bed that night and then the next day is a better day.

2) Not being able to eat everything I want because - why? I'm 54, I should just enjoy it - I want a milkshake.

3) Having to wear reading glasses after I turned 40. This is something like getting zits after high school - no one tells us this will happen, or if they do, we're not listening.

3) Tight security shrink-wrap around everything we buy at the grocery stores - so tight that I have to go find my reading glasses (see item 2) to see where the meandering maze of plastic begins and ends and then stab it open with a steak knife. This is all the result of a lady killing her husband in the 80's by filling his Excedrin gel caps with cyanide, and then somebody putting poisened capsules randomly on a store shelf as a copy-cat crime, and now we all have to hack our way into new ketchup bottles.

4) The fact that I have become allergic to many scents (at about the same time I had to start wearing the reading glasses mentioned in #2). Lotions, candles, perfume, air freshener, lavender-scented baby shampoo for pete's sake! Luckily Angie and Forrest were very kind to me today when I replaced the cat-pee scented candle with a new one. (Theirs was actually called "Sandalwood" - I'm going to google "allergies to sandalwood" and see what I find).

5. Bugging myself with things I wish I would have done differently when I was younger - it's so defeating and yet, I do it.

6. Pants that shrink!!!! I spend lots of good money on pants that are plenty long, and half the time they end up floods after 2 washings and then I can't wear them any more.

7. The fact that Wal-mart bugs me and I can't explain why, and that sometimes I shop there anyway, but I always feel guilty. Like I'm shopping on Sunday. Although last time I watched "You've Got Mail" I realized Meg Ryan's character represents my feelings - I want the little bookshop on the corner to stay in business - not the heartless mega-giant, same thing in every city store taking over the world - leading to global apathy and poverty, oops, see? I'm ridiculous on this subject!

8. Trying to find Dennis a Valentine's card every year - this year I gave up (the one I found was $5.00 and I called him and said, don't buy me a valentine card, let's just spend $10 more on dinner!)

9. Losing sign-up sheets at church that people entrust to me. I've lost them - twice - and it's like they disappeared into thin air.

10. The Doctrine and Covenants. There. I said it. I told Tony that once and he said, "Mom! it has the best scriptures of all" - but when I read it, the language doesn't work for me - it sound like polygamists are talking to me so I don't listen. The Book of Mormon always makes me happy and touches me spiritually no matter how many times I read it. The Bible too, and I love the Pearl of Great Price!!

Mom Sweat

Mom said...

I am rescinding my previous #10 about the D & C. The D & C does not bug me - I love it, scripture by scripture, I bug me that it bugs me!! I don't know why that popped into my head. So - sorry! I am replacing it with "the little round price stickers they put on apples, right where you want to take a big bite."

Roundy kin in Sandy said...

Wash your pants in cold water every time.
Read D&C 121:141

Dave said...

1. People that drive slow.
2. People who listen to music too loud.
3. News anchors.
4. People who are dumb on purpose.
5. Germs.
6. People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.
7. Doctors. This may also fall under item #4
8. People who don't signal when changing lanes.
9. Hotmail
10. Car mechanics, sales people, the IRS, politicians, the DMV, and all other similar organizations or professions.

dave said...

I forgot one.

11. Word verification on blogs.

Paul said...

BLOGS!!!! hehe :) j/k