Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our Valentine adventures

We had a good Valentine's day. How about you? The best part--bishopric was cancelled, so we got to have Andrew home. Yippee! Andrew and I never go out ON Valentine's night. Places are always so crowded. So, we decided to have a family celebration last night and will go out for a romantic dinner this weekend.

We went to a cute little Mom and Pop place for dinner. We'd never been there. It was pretty good. Brandon got chocolate chip pancackes
which he enjoyed immensely.
You can see the remnants in his teeth!

After dinner, we visited our favorite family fun spot--Chuck E. Cheese. It was so fun to hang out on a Wed night with all of us together.

We hurried home, exchanged gifts, got the kids in bed and then the doorbell rang. It was almost 9 pm and that seemed weird. Andrew answered it and we'd been HEART ATTACKED!

Isn't that the cutest thing?
It was so thoughtful and sweet.
And it was anonymous, which is always fun.

This writing reminded me of my best friend's, Marianne's.
I don't think she drove all the way up from Missisippi to do it, though.

The card was addressed to "Bishop" and family, so
I'm guessing it was someone from the ward.
If the Heart Attacker(s) happen to be blog readers,
THANK YOU!!! We loved it!

After that we settled in for some good TV. I don't get American Idol. They DRAGGED out those terrible audition shows for SOOOO LONG then they give us two hours from Hollywood week? What's up with that???? I was disappointed.

And LOST was soooooo good last night. My blood pressure skyrockets when I watch that show. It was completely crazy last night. That lady in the jewelry store freaked me out. And at the end when Desmond was telling Charlie that you can't change things....oh my gosh. Chills down my spine! Love it. Love it. Love it. Can't wait for next Wed.

PS I'm still on a break from my class while I wait for my papers to be received in Utah and graded. That's why I've had so much time to blog! :)


g & g hiatt said...

Out here in Sandy we found a Dairy Queen (we're big on DQs) so that was our romantic date.
If we keep reading your blog, you may convince us to tune in on LOST.
Great pictures of dad/son, mom/daughter. Thanks for sharing.

sandy said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! Jake's stake bishopric meeting did NOT get cancelled, so I stayed home and watched "A Cinderella Story" with Josh (that's my 19month old son for anyone besides Andi who might think I was doing something naughty). We're going for faux-Valentine's Day this weekend. The heart attack was really cute -- great idea!

Shelley said...

We got heart attacked too! We were thinking it was maybe you guys. I guess it rules you out, unless you did yourself to rule out any suspicion.
And I'm totally with you on AI - I was so excited for Hollywood week and they ripped me off!

Marianne said...

You never know!!!??!! We may have been in the neighborhood (North Carolina) and decided to put "bishop" on the hearts just to throw you off!! But seriously, we were playing the newlywed game w/ the YM/YW and having a blast of a time on Valentine's!

Grandma Sweat said...

Whoever the heart attackers were, they have my love and admiration. What a great idea. And if Brandon didn't have chocolate pancake in his teeth, we could submit these pictures of the 4 of you to a magazine for the best looking family of the year!
Grandma Sweat

Angela said...

Andrew looks so handsome in the picture! I remember when he was a little boy, everybody used to oooh and aahh over how cute he was. Does that stll happen, say, at the grocery store? :-)

I so agree about American Idol. I love Hollywood Week and they totally shorted us. Do you think they're trying to minimize the attachment we make with certain contestants before the contest begins? I know that Taylor HIcks got a lot of air time prior to the show last year and some think he won more on personality than talent. Just a thought.

Loved Lost, too.


Amy said...

This is the first time I've watched AI, so I didn't know what to expect from Hollywood week. I am disappointed it was that short though. The group songs were very interesting, I like that type of variety. I'm surprised that..oh, what's his name...Sundance Head? made it through (the last guy). I think the judges really like him, and he's got the personality, but I wasn't super impressed with his performances in Hollywood.

Super cute pictures! Chocolate chip pancakes sounds good right now. (-:

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,

I am with you about American Idol. I mean why not show more of Hollywood week? I was disappointed. There were so many people I was cheering for to do well and move on to the next round and they didn't show how they did at all! UGH! I do have some favorites that made it on to the next round though. Like that big guy with the curly hair and the indian guy. How about you? Anyways hope to see you and your family at the primary activity tomorrow morning.


Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Jewelry store lady freaked me out, too!!!
Love that photo of you and Whit... your smiles are identicle and beautiful.

Laurie said...

Definitely surprised at the Hollywood week. That really was a fascinating and freaky Lost. It amazes me how they have us unsure of what is next in so many different ways. Love that.

What a great Valentines Day. Hope you're havin a great day!

Oh, and good advice about the reading thing. I'm sure Clayton is much like Brandon in that he'll be wanting to read before kindergarten. We'll see how it goes. I'm not too worried either way.