Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our day home from church

We skipped church today. I felt good about that decision this morning and I still think it was the right choice to make, but I kinda feel like a slacker at the same time. The kids are both sick. They both have those yucky barking coughs and then Whitney has had a fever on top of that for the past couple of days. I was hoping they'd be better this morning, but when Whit woke up, she still had a slight fever, so we decided to stay home. They both seem fine now, other than the occasional deep cough.

So, it has been my job to entertain two semi-sick munchkins in the house all day. It is exhausting, but has been pretty fun, too. We started out with an informal little church lesson. It was about where we came from, why we're here and where we're going when we die. We had three little stations around the house and the kids brought bags to pack with items representing their spirit bodies, physical bodies, the gospel, the Savior, etc. I got the idea from the Friend magazine. It went pretty well. Then we played a couple of games. Ate snacks. Did a puzzle. Then I told the kids to play on their own while I scrapbooked. Yea, I'm a great mom. :) I did one layout and when I came out of my room to check on them, they were both on Brandon's bed with a suitcase and two backpacks.

Brandon told me they were playing a game called "ADVENTURE."

"It's kind of like Survivor. We're in an airplane and we travel around the world learning different languages and stuff." (I think he has Survivor, the Amazing Race, and serving a mission all mixed up together.) It was almost lunch time and he told me they could fly to Subway (the kitchen) for lunch. While we were eating he asked Whitney, "Where in the whole world should we go next, Whitney? New York? Utah?" She responded, "Taco Bell."

I'm glad they were playing so well together. It's amazing what a little non-TV time can do.


Angie said...

Andi, you put me to shame. I'm home too, with Wyatt, typing one handed because I'm nursing . . . and I can't believe some of the great Mom things you come up with. Plan of Salvation scaveger hunts, for pete's sake!!! These kids are going to grow up and praise your name. What a good mom you are.

andrea said...

That's not fair to compare when you have a newborn baby! The TV raised Brandon for 2 or 3 months between first trimester fatigue and newborn-lack-of-sleep-zombie time when Whit was born.

sandy said...

Andi - you're my hero. Today was my first day AT church in like a month and a half from me and/or the kids being sick (although Jake, Heather and Josh were all home sick today - we just can't win this one)...and although I have done my fair share of scrapbooking while home sick, I sure didn't put together a primary lesson for my kids! It was more like, "watch this Primary song video, then we'll read a story out of the Friend". Next time I'm home sick from church (with my luck, probably next week) I'm going to be guilted into doing a lesson now (hey! can I steal yours??). You're awesome:)

g & g hiatt said...

Can we tell everyone that our great-grandchildren in NC have 72 hour kits in their back packs?
We agree with previous comments: You're AWESOME.
Love you all

Amy said...

I just got finished watching the videos from your last post, how cute! Jack really liked the "Wooo Hooo" and would smile each time they'd sing that. Now he's whining and trying to pound the keyboard. I think he wants to watch them again.

Mom said...

Hi there - I'm a blog late in commenting on the videos but we weren't able to open them until Shelley helped you! Thanks Shelley, whoever you are! They were great to watch!
Love you,

Grandma Sweat

dave said...

Andrea, you're throwing the curve for the rest of us. Please calm down.

Laurie said...

Your kids say the cutest things. I love to read their sayings.

I'm so glad to hear that potty training progress has been happening.

I hope everybody is feeling better soon.