Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I smell spring

The last two days we have had GLORIOUS weather. It has been sunny and beautiful. We spent the whole afternoon at the park today. I loved it. I can tell spring is right around the corner and I am thirsty for it. I actually saw the first "popcorn" trees of the season on my way to church on Sunday. Wish I would've had my camera then. That's always a fun milestone. Here are some pics from our afternoon.
Who says you can't wear cowgirl boots AND
play soccer at the same time?

Brandon pointed out that the airplanes had been
playing tic tac toe in the sky. The moon could even
be a tiny "O" in the upper left corner.

We always save our bread crusts so the
kids can feed the ducks and geese.
Brandon rode his scooter and likes to just leave
his helmet on, even when he's done riding.
It has come in handy a couple of times!

Yea, Brandon's arm is missing and
Whitney has her fake smile on, but
they're still cute!

Oh, and by the way....in an effort to appease my readers, I have removed the word verification from the comments section. As long as the spam comments stay away, I'll try to leave it that way. Thanks for your input!


g & g hiatt said...

Gee, we kind of miss the challenge of figuring out whether it's a "g" or a "q" on your entry code.
Great pic of B & W. We envy your
"spring". It snowed today in Sandy and is scheduled to do so again tomorrow or Thursday.
Oh well, we don't have to shovel it.
Love to you all

dave said...

Did you ever have winter?

Sandy said...

Great pictures!! I didn't even notice Brandon's missing arm...that's funny. It's like one of those "find what's wrong with this picture" things in Highlights Magazine. I'm jealous of your spring!! It snowed here again today, bleh!

Amy said...

It's funny that you saw your first "popcorn" trees because Jack just learned some of the actions to "Popcorn Popping" yesterday. I can't wait until we can go to the park too.

Denny & Joe said...

Oh, that weather looks so fabulous. I'm yearning for spring in SLC.