Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fantasy hoops, anyone?

I love fantasy sports. Football is my favorite, but basketball is fun, too. My dad and I are in a basketball league that is just for the 2nd half of the NBA season. It starts Feb 20th. Does anyone want to join us? We play through The Sporting News. If you want to play with us, go to sportingnews.com and click on "Fantasy Hoops: Season 2 FREE". You'll have to create a log in and password if you're new. Our league is called "East coast vs. the west". So far it's just me, my dad, and some stranger who has all these records and is probably going to kick our tails. We'd love to have more competition!

Also, I am very happy to announce that I made my first Craig's list sale this weekend. I decided to try to sell a Little Tikes slide that my kids are outgrowing and our old camcorder. I posted them both late on Friday night. Three different people e-mailed on Sat morning about the slide and it sold Sat afternoon. No one has been interested in the camcorder. Darn. I might have to try eBay instead. Very fun!


Dad said...

I see that NOBODY got excited about Fantasy B-Ball and NOBODY else signed up!!!

Oh well. I guess we will have a small team unless someone else gets motivated.

Love reading your blogs.



Leoma said...

Good post.