Saturday, January 06, 2007

Brandon shoots...and scores!

Today at Brandon's basketball game, he made his first basket. It was so cute and we thought we'd share a little clip. He's in blue jogging pants, gets an offensive rebound, and puts it back in the hoop. I love the part where he's running down the court with his hands in the air after he makes it. And check out his tough defense after the play. Enjoy!

(Also, I DO have one more installment of Christmas moments when I have a free moment to type them up.)


Mom Sweat said...

Thanks for the awesome clip - and he even gets back on defense! I love hearing you and Andrew cheering for him in the background, too!

Sandy said...

LOVE the basketball clip!! Jake got a kick out of it, too! Brandon looks like a natural!

Former Coach Huish said...

That's some impressive offensive and defensive playing. Great rebound, get yourself into position for a shot, score, and hustle back on defense. What else is there to learn?