Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another conference tradition

As part of our family emergency preparedness plan, we have grab-it-and-go-bags(or, as some people call them, 72 hour kits). The idea is that we could just take them with us if we had to leave the house in an emergency. After seeing what happened after Hurricane Katrina, I think someone would probably kill us for the stuff that's in them, but I keep them anyway. When we were in college at BYU, we heard a great piece of advice that we actually use: Go through your kits every 6 months during General Conference. Take out all the stuff that's going to expire in the next six months and replace it. So, that's what we do. The fun part is, we get to eat all the snacks while we listen to conference.

Here was out stash this year. Both kids loved the
fruit roll-ups. I never buy those for them. And Whitney
loved the Slim Jim's--who knew??

Whitney has been doing an amazing job of potty training. I can't believe it.

For one of her potty prizes today, she picked out some purple lip gloss. Uh, note to self: I think she's too young for lip gloss. She slathered it all over her face. Can you see how much is on her upper lip? Yuck! She also decorated her own patch today. Very nice.

The afternoon session of conference today was my favorite. I love Elder Bednar! He rocks. His talk about not taking offense was so great. I am not the type of person who does take offense very easily. But, I also don't think things through very much before I say them, so I'm afraid I could offend others unintentionally. So, I hope that everyone in my ward listened closely so I don't have to worry about that. :)

One of my other favorites was Elder Roger A. Merrill who talked about receiving by the Spirit. I am a big believer that we don't just go to church to see what other people can offer us. The larger responsibility for what we get out of our worship lies with us. It was a good reminder for me. And it made me think, I use my kids as an excuse for not getting much out of sacrament meeting, but I think if I was really putting forth the effort that I needed to, I'd still receive the things I needed out of my meetings.

The funniest part of conference in our house was during one of the musical numbers. They were showing the chorister on the screen and Brandon asked, "Hey, is that the guy from Seinfeld?" He was a bald man and Brandon thought he looked just like George Costanza. I cracked up laughing. Then I thought, "How does Brandon know what the characters on Seinfeld look like?"


Denny & Joe said...

We remarked on a guy in the choir that looked like Newman from Seinfeld. This is the sort of conference commentary that goes on at the Haynies. I like your M&M game, tho. Good idea.

retired prof said...

Surviving 72 hours on fruitloops
sounds like a great idea to me.

Amy said...

I like your 72 hour kits! There's better food in there than we have in our cupboards right now. The "Bingo" game is a great idea. I remember doing stuff like that in seminary and it even worked then. Although I didn't get M&M's for it, but I think they would've helped.

Sandy said...

We go through our 72 hour kits & food storage at conference, too, how funny (that must have been one hot BYU tip). I love your bingo game - I'll have to try that next year - my kids were SO not interested in it until Pres. Hinckley spoke!

Barb said...

...and then there's the choir member who looks like Niles Crane....and the one who looks like George W. Bush!

After looking at the picture of your 72-hour kits, I am hungry and want to take an early lunch!

My conference assignment is I clean out the window wells and wash Dennis' church pants and change the furnace filters.
Love you

Laurie said...

Great idea to rotate the packs during conference. I need to add more yummy stuff like that to mine. Mine are not nearly that yummy - very smart, especially with young kids.

Jayne said...

I used to be SO much better at keeping emergency supplies when we lived in California (earthquakes, wildfires, rolling blackouts). Thanks for the much-needed reminder to always be prepared!

Here's another tip: Designate one day a month as your Emergency Preparedness Day & mark it on your calendar. The 11th is a good reminder date (b/c of Sept 11). When the date rolls around ask yourself what do I need to do?

Do we need to practice a fire drill? Buy food? Put copies of vital documents in a safe deposit box? Etc.