Friday, October 06, 2006

My weekend is falling apart!

I had plans for a fun, busy weekend and I'm afraid it is all falling to pieces. First, I had planned to go to the temple tonight. It's something I don't get to do often enough. I wish I could go with Andrew, but it's just so hard to get a babysitter for 5 HOURS, which is how long it takes to drive up to Raleigh, go to the temple, and drive home. So, I had just decided to go by myself tonight. Well, wouldn't you know--there's a chemical explosion in Apex (the same town where the temple is located) that made national news and the temple is closed for the day. Foiled!

I am supposed to be participating in a Women Only 5K race in the morning to benefit breast cancer research. I've been planning this with two of my good friends for months. Now it is cloudy and overcast with chances of showers. I guess if it rains, they don't reschedule the race, they just donate all our entry fees to the research. I'm still holding out hope that the weather will be ok, though.

I'm also planning on participating in a tennis clinic tomorrow afternoon with three friends and a tennis pro, but if the weather is bad I'm sure that will be cancelled too. I'm trying not to get too bummed over this, since it's out of my control.


Anonymous said...

We were planning on going to the temple tonight too.
Greg & Nicolle

Laurie said...

Good luck with the weekend! Glad you are far enough away from the chemical explosion. I thought of you when I saw it on TV.