Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pre-Halloween festivities

When we were at our Girl's Night Out earlier this week, one of my friends told me I was "pretty normal...except for the camera fetish." I think she was right. I just uploaded my pictures from the last TWO DAYS and there were 68 of them! Wow--not many moments slip past me. :) I won't share all 68 of them, but narrowed it down to 11 of my favorites. Here goes...

We had a Fall Festival at church on Friday night. It was cold and rainy, so the Trunk or Treat had to be moved inside, but other than that everything went pretty well.

Brandon decided to be a mummy this year.

Consider this the "before" picture.
Mummy costumes are SO
hard to keep together!
(I tried the same thing when I was in 5th
grade. Didn't work then, either.)

Whitney also came up with her own costume

A Princess Kitty!

They had a lot of fun at the party and came home pooped!

Here are the "after" pictures.
Notice the kitty ears are gone. She said they hurt her head.
And Brandon was halfway undone before we even made
it to the party! Oh, well. We tried.

Yesterday we continued a family tradition of going to Mr. B's Pumpkin Patch. It is a cute, cheesy place that the kids love. They have a hayride, maze, "enchanted bubble forest," and petting zoo.

We had the hayride all to ourselves.

Whitney had another run-in with
this time it was a live one!

Last night, we got a babysitter, so that Andrew and I could go to a party for grown-ups.
We were asked to bring a Halloween-themed treat. This is what I came up with:

Blood-red Haunted cupcakes

I bought a red velvet cake mix. Do they sell that everywhere or just in the South? I don't know, but it worked perfect. It is such a deep red color.

The kids had fun licking the beaters.
Whitney looks like she is a lion cub who just
finished eating a kill. Gross!
Anyway, then I frosted the cupcakes and topped
them with "Body Parts" candy--mainly eyes and severed fingers.
(Is that a little too close to a Wendy's scandal? I noticed the
fingers were the last to be eaten.)

The party was fun.

Here we are in our costumes.
Our friend, Greg, is in a part-time Master's program
that will take several years to complete.
Andrew said he was "Greg in six years."
Can you tell what I am?

Here's a close-up of what I had taped to me.
Did you figure it out?

I was a "cereal" killer. Ha ha.
One of our friends dressed up in
this costume a couple years ago and
I thought it was so clever that I stole
the idea. Very fun.

Here were some of the other costume ideas at the party:

Pregnant Nicolle was a basketball hoop--complete with an authentic net.
Greg was a basketball player/wannabe Kurt Rambis.

Sam and Becca dressed as Kevin Federline and Britney Spears.
They won the vote for best costume. You can see why.
Great costumes!

We played "The Haunted Newlywed Game." I love games like that and rarely get a chance to play them. It was fun. We didn't win, but we didn't stink, either. Andrew thinks we were at a disadvantage because we were probably the longest-married couple there. I told him that means we should know more about each other, right? There were a couple of questions like, "What did you do on your first Halloween together?" where I guess it was a bit of a disadvantage. We have to remember WAY back to 1997, whereas some of the couples just had to think back to last year or the year before.

The most controversial question asked to the women: "Which deceased relative would your husband least want to meet?" I think it was worded a little less confusing, but you get the point. Oh, that one got some tough responses. It was like Greg and Nicolle wanted to get us into arguments. Why didn't they just ask, "What is the most annoying thing your husband does?" Thankfully, Andrew and I are really laid back about stuff like that and neither of us had to sleep on the couch last night. :)

Some of the other questions:
What costume from your past are you most embarassed that you wore?

If your husband was a vampire, how would he describe your blood? A. Hot and Spicy B. Sugary Sweet C. Salty

What's your spouse's favorite Halloween candy?

How many pumpkins are in your house right now?

What is your husband's blood type? (A, O, B, etc)
I think only one of the eight men even knew their own blood type!

Which costume would your wife be least likely to wear? A. Bunny B. E.T. C. M&M
(This was interesting because most of the husbands answered "bunny" and most of the wives answered "E.T.")


Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

You failed to mention that the questions were created by my sister in law. And I think I sense a little bitterness that you did not win the game. A little case of sour grapes.


Mom Sweat said...

When I first looked at the mummy picture I thought it was YOU Andi! Brandon looks so grown up! Or, you look like a 5-year-old boy? And Whitney is just too adorable. Did Angie tell you she and Forrest were Brittany Spears and Kevin Federline too? Well, gotta run, but thanks as always for making life enchanting for a blog-reading grandma!
Mom Sweat

Sandy said...

How fun! I love the costumes -- okay, I admit it, it took me a minute to figure yours out, even after you SAID "cereal killer" - but now I GET IT and its funny:) We missed our annual pumpkin patch trip this year:( so I guess its no longer an annual tradition? Bummer.We had to get ours at the grocery store. Your pumpkin patch sounds way more fun than ours, though. We have no hayrides or enchanted bubble forests or anything - just pumpkins in a field and great times yelling to the kids, "Watch out for the cow poop":)

The Hallstrom Family said...

Yes, Forrest and I were Kevin and Britney at our neighborhood adult party as well. I couldn't tell if your friend was truly pregnant or if it was part of the costume (I'm afraid you can tell that I am truly pregnant :-). Loved your kids' costumes, and the cupcakes.