Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A plug for Andrew's blog

Andrew has started his own blog. It is hilarious. It is intended for "Normal Mormon Husbands" as he explains in his initial post. But, I like to read it, too. He's a great writer. I especially enjoyed the "Ran-dumb" awards for best commercials and his latest post about global warming. You might want to refer your husbands to the link, too. (if applicable) He'd love that.


Oh, and the comments are hilarious, too. I read them and think, "Whoa--I'm out of my league here!" I think I'll stick with my cute pictures and day-to-day adventures. :)

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Sandy said...

I just looked at Andrew's blog - its hilarious. I'm sending the link to Jake, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. And I'm not afraid to admit that I had no idea what he was talking about 50% of the time -- I'm not too up on sports (gasp! Wife of a coach!) or politics (another gasp! elections coming up!) - but it was pretty funny nonetheless. I'd forgotten that the old guy had a good sense of humor & a few writing skills- we all used to write lame songs and plays in the old MCKB to pass the time at work:)(note the smiley face -- I couldn't use one on Andrew's blog).