Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes--October

These are actual quotes taken from my wise-beyond-their-years children. I'm trying to keep track of them throughout the month and will post it at the beginning of each month.

Whitney: "Ants are not friends. Girls are friends."

Whitney is really into adding "-ish" on the end of everything she says right now. Here are a couple of examples:
After eating a popsicle: "My hands are not popsicle-ish."
When we opened the door on a chilly day: "It's a great coldish day."

Brandon is really into the words "dramatical" or "traumatical" right now. When Andrew came home from work the other day and asked him how his day was, Brandon said, "It was good. I mean it was dramatical good!" When he gave me a hug before going to bed: "I promise tomorrow I'll be a traumatical better listener."

Brandon also has a very acute sense of smell. Sometimes he makes funny comparisons. The morning after our night of jamming around the fire pit, Brandon gave Andrew a big hug in bed and said, "Dad, you smell like bacon." This weekend we got into the car and he said, "Our car smells like Grandma and Grandpa's garage." I couldn't smell anything, but I wish I knew what that smelled like to him. Tonight when he got in the shower he said, "It smells like old onions in here." Uh oh--might be time to scrub the bathtub!

When I dressed Whitney in her flowery footie pj's after the bath she said, "I look like a young women!"

This morning, as Brandon was getting ready for school, I heard him talking to himself: "Dear Students, Today we will not be doing any work. We won't even have centers. I hope that's ok. Love, Mrs. Bledsoe." Cracked me up. That must be his dream day--no work at school.

Sometimes when we're saying goodbye to Brandon in the mornings, he'll give us hugs and then as he's walking out the door will say, "XO, Mom. XO, Dad." and will make the letters with his arms for hugs and kisses. What a cutie.

Tonight while trick-or-treating, Brandon got lots of comments on his mummy costume and he kind of let it go to his head. As we were walking home at the end, he kept saying things like, "Everyone loves a mummy! I guess a mummy is the perfect costume for a kid. I think I won like 22 awards. Maybe every kid should be a mummy." Nope, no problems with self-confidence in this one. :)

One of Whitney's favorite phrases right now: "I'm excited!" We normally hear this one when we've pulled up to a friend's house to play--especially if it's "Greggy and 'Cole"


Sandy said...

I still think these comments from your kids are funny, even reading them the second time - and I still think Brandon's smell comments are the best:)

Mom and Dad said...

These comments were so fun to read. I wonder Andi, - are you printing out all of your blogging as a journal?

The Jazz are up at the half!