Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good news and bad news


Get used to seeing BOTH of these eyes all the time...

because we're done patching! Yippee!


We had our appt up at Duke yesterday and found out that Whitney does need another surgery. Boo! To be honest, I was expecting that news. I didn't feel like her eyes had changed at all over the last month, but it's still hard to hear. I'm not sure when it will be. I tried to call and schedule it today, but had to leave a message. I know Dr. Buckley wants it done soon so that she doesn't develop lazy eye again. I'm hoping it will be next month sometime.

She will have surgery on her left eye, moving the muscle closest to her nose. It should be minor compared to the first surgery that she had. It's outpatient, no patching, no stitches on the outside. Hopefully everything will go as smoothly as it has with her past two surgeries. I hope it won't be harder on her emotionally now that she's older and will understand a little more how foreign everything is--the hospital gown, not being able to eat that morning, etc.

I got to have a Lasik consultation today. I have wanted Lasik for as long as I can remember and finally made an appt to be evaluated. I've been wearing glasses since 1984 and have never had my eyes dilated before today. Is that crazy?

I look sweet in my Granny glasses!

BAD NEWS: I'm not eligible for Lasik! When they do the procedure, they remove part of your cornea and that's what corrects your vision. My corneas are too thin. Of all the places to be too thin! I am eligible for a similar procedure called PRK. It's like Lasik, but has a longer recovery period and greater risk of not having 20/20 vision afterward. There's also more discomfort involved. I don't know if I'm up for it. I don't think I want to pay big bucks for A CHANCE that I won't have to wear contacts anymore. If it was a pretty sure thing then I'd go for it. I haven't ruled it out for sure yet, but am not as excited about it as I had been.


Sandy said...

Whitney is a doll - I'm glad she doesn't have to patch anymore. Sorry about the surgery-- I think its scarier for the moms than for the kids:) My friend just had the "skinny cornea" fake-lasik (I forget what its called) this week - I'll let you know how she does. That's the one where they rough up your cornea with a toothbrush instead of cutting it, right? Okay, hopefully its a little more advanced than that:) Good luck either way - and I love the shades!

Jayne said...

Of course I'm glad that Whitney is done patching, but I'll miss seeing the cute patch-drawings. You'll have to find another outlet for your inner cartoonist :)

Kristi Brooke said...

so interesting my friend Jill in Utah has a daughter whitney that just found out that she has to have surgery that same week.
good luck